MWCUA on the Hill

Last week, Jay Curtis, CEO of First CU, Mike Williams, CEO of Colorado CU, Robb Scott, CEO of Deer Valley CU, Tim Dore, Chris Kemm and Scott Earl spent time talking credit union issues in our nation’s capital.

While the team was there, the Administration’s tax plan was revealed. Everyone that the group talked with felt that credit union’s exemption was secure. The team had the opportunity to meet with Treasury officials, a senior policy advisor to the House Majority Leader, who is a Bellco member and grew up in Parker, CO.

The team also met with several key members of our three delegations. On the Senate side, they met with Senator Flake, Senator Barrasso, and Senator Gardner. House visits included Ed Perlmutter, Trent Franks, Tom O’Halloran, Martha McSally, Liz Cheney, and David Schweikert. Clearly, there are a lot of moving pieces right now but it was an effective trip for credit unions.