Welcome to the Mountain West Credit Union Association Compliance Home Page. We are a dedicated team of compliance specialists with professional “Credit Union” experience. Our team has more than 30 years of industry-specific experience relating to your credit union’s compliance and operational needs. We will work with your credit union to develop a systematic approach to growing your credit union’s business and helping you operate effectively. We are experts in our fields, working only to serve you!

Team contact information:

Mark Robey, SVP, Regulatory Affairs, 800.477.1697, ext. 3327 –

Melia Heimbuck, Director of Compliance Operations, 800.477.1697, ext. 3325

Julie Kappenman, Director of Association Compliance Services, 800.477.1697, ext. 3324 –

Donna Gibbs, Compliance Coordinator, 800.477.1697, ext. 3281 –