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Leaders grow in the presence of other leaders.  MWCUA CU Leadership Institute is an excellent forum for developing emerging leaders, giving them a context to work out their leadership strengths and challenges. I was impressed with the coaching tools and self-assessments and have gained tremendous insight on my personal leadership style. I found myself challenged to spend more time coaching for engagement and execution. It has changed my priorities.  Jason Nelson, Red Rocks CU

The MWCUA CU Leadership Institute was, by far, one of the most incredible experiences that I have had professionally.  I’ve been in a leadership role the majority of my professional life, and this institute is parallel to none.  It gave me the opportunity to truly dissect, evaluate, and strengthen my leadership skills.  I walked away with some tangible tools for being an effective leader, a cohort that I have built personal and professional relationships with, and tremendous growth. A big thank for such a comprehensive and captivating course! Bree Dronen, Laramie Plains FCU



“Being part of the 2015 CU Leadership Institute Arizona cohort has been one of the most inspiring and educational highlights of my 14+ year credit union career.  I truly enjoyed bonding with my fellow students and presenters, sharing challenges and successes, and returning to my credit union to apply the resources provided!  I’m sad to see the class come to an end but look forward to hearing of the amazing accomplishments of our group in the future…”  Leah Friedenberg, Pima Federal Credit Union

“I would just like to say how much this leadership institute has meant to me and my professional development. I gained a broader perspective and useful knowledge which I put into work every single day. The biggest compliment I received is from three members of my staff letting me know they have seen a difference in me and the way I work. What in incredible experience and one I have grown from tremendously!”  Holly Vanderpool, Denver Community CU

“The CU leadership institute is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make the most of being a leader. I feel that my fellow team members of the 2015 CU Leadership Institute and I have come together to share our ideas and we truly care about one another and our successes. The input from each team member is valuable and respected. We have learned so much from each other and our instructors have given us great tools for success. Thank you!”         Kristy Carper, CUCE, BSACS, Atlantic City FCU

“The Leadership Institute is designed for both leaders new to their role, and for more tenured leaders.  The activities and discussions are designed to take you out of your comfort zone, allow you to make your point as well as hear other points of view, thus creating a better learning experience that you can take back to your credit union and use.  You truly can make a difference.”  Paul Kirkbride, Ent Federal Credit Union



“The instructors don’t approach the course as the consummate leader, forcing their knowledge on you. Instead they provide you the tools and reminders you need to draw on the experience you’ve learned along the way.”
Ricardo Perez, Denver Community CU

“The insight, concepts, skills and strength I have gleaned from the leaders and student leaders of this course is immeasurable!  Thank you for your time, and energy!”
Laura Murphy, Hughes Federal Credit Union

“The Credit Union Leadership Institute surpassed my expectations not only with the knowledge I received in each session but from the education and experience of the facilitators.  I have met some wonderful people and have grown so much from this experience.”
ShanDee Welling, Trona Valley FCU


“A journey of self-awareness and a realization of the absolute necessity of positive and strong leadership; not only in the workplace but life in general.”
Joe Tassano, Denver Community CU

“A truly unique leadership journey, one that will continue far beyond graduation.”
Kami Engels, TruWest Credit Union

“Credit Union Leadership Institute coaches and trainers have a wealth of knowledge and are willing share it for your benefit!  They are highly intelligent and care about your success, being fully invested with each individual and valuing the process of discovery for all the attendees in a highly motivating way!  The staff is devoted to assuring the best opportunity for networking and interaction, which makes this like no other training I have attended. My experience was captivating and yours can be too!” Steffany Arellano, Trona Valley Federal Credit Union

“The series of workshops I took from Credit Union Leadership Institute have helped me become a more confident leader. I studied business administration in college, and after leadership training, I realized that my college classes barely touched on the most important part of business, the human element; working with otherseffectively to achieve goals. I am grateful to the Mountain West Credit Union Association for the opportunity to participate, and I know I will be referring back to the materials from this course for years to come.”
Hilary Dooley, River-Rail Community FCU


“The Leadership Institute sessions identify, define, and resolve the areas of leadership opportunity that Credit Union employees are facing on a daily basis.  The best part of the course is that it does not have a cookie cutter approach, but instead allows the participants to determine the flow and speed in which the material is presented.  The structure of each session fosters networking and teambuilding skills that are essential for future development.  The sessions are well defined and geared towards developing skills that will produce the future leaders of the Credit Union movement.”
Rob Montoya, Credit Union Advantage

 “When I had first learned of the opportunities that would be presenting themselves from participating in this program I had already felt I had built a solid foundation of leadership excellence throughout my 12 years within this industry, yet as the months progressed I began to realize the strategies I learned not only effectively guided my team to success but also unlocked my true potential of a Generation Y leader of tomorrow. The effective utilization of movies in correlation to “real world” scenarios has provided the best insight to which other leadership courses have lacked. The return on investment from this series cannot be simply measured with a quantifiable dollar amount but one that influences all individuals beginning with the participant within their organization regardless of their generation group.”
PJ Brennan, Warren FCU

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