NEW! Online Application Process for Foundation Scholarships and Grants

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation is in the process of rolling out a new online application process for all Foundation scholarships and grants.

In the past, scholarships and grants have been managed with pdf applications that must be downloaded and sent to the Foundation via email. With new developments in technology and changes in how most of us use the web, this process has become outdated and cumbersome for the user and creates a layer of administration for the Foundation that is no longer necessary.

The new online application process eliminates the requirement for applicants to fill out a pdf and send it as an email attachment to the Foundation. Instead, all applications can be filled out online, on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or phone. Our hope is that the entire process will be more effective and streamlined for applicants and Foundation staff.

Please note that this change is in process. For the next few weeks, there will be a combination of the old pdf application process and the new online system. The onboarding process should be complete by the end of September. Until then, we ask for your patience. If you run into any bugs or difficulties with the new application process, please contact Donna Gibbs or myself.

Thank you!

-Dr. Dan Santangelo, Executive Director, Mountain West Credit Union Foundation