Foundation Executive Leadership Program






In 2016 three new  Executive Leadership Scholars were selected to join the 12 whose journey is already under way. Today 15 scholars are in the program.

Watch this page for the 2017 application

Executive Leadership Scholars are:

Matt Ballou of WyHy Federal Credit Union

Peter Bullard of Credit Union of the Rockies

Maggie Camacho of Colorado Credit Union

Gena Carroll of Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

Leah Friedenberg of Pima Federal Credit Union

Jeremy Gibson of Trona Valley Community Federal Credit Union

Victoria Gomez of Landings Credit Union

Brian Kayton of Ent Credit Union

Choua Ly of Partner Colorado Credit Union

Jason Nelson of Red Rocks Credit Union

Lisett Olson of Alhambra Credit Union

Angel Phillips of Reliant Credit Union

Adrianne Rexius of Landings Credit Union

Adele Smith of Premier Members Federal Credit Union

Justin Wolfe of Canyon State Credit Union

It’s in Your Blood

Maybe it was your first job after graduation or a new opportunity you took after the last one didn’t work out, but ever since that first job in credit unions, it’s in your blood.  You love working with members, learning the ins and outs of your credit union, and getting involved in chapter events.  You know this is where you want to spend your career and now, you’re looking to step up your game.

Applications for 2017 open in November, Click here of the appication


Leaders Like You

Business teamThe Mountain West Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Leadership Program was created for you – the future leaders of the Credit Union Movement.  Unlike many of the Foundation’s professional development opportunities, this program is more than a scholarship, it’s a complete five-year curriculum built to develop leaders specifically for the credit union industry.  If you are selected for the Foundation Executive Leadership Program, you will be funded for immersive instruction in organizational leadership, credit union philosophy, and credit union operations with additional mentoring and coaching from the current credit union industry’s top leaders.


The Program

The Foundation Executive Leadership Program provides over $20,000 of full funding for five years of credit union leadership development.  The program’s curriculum is divided into four areas or Quadrants:

  • Quadrant 1:  Mountain West Credit Union Leadership Institute
    The Credit Union Leadership Institute is an in-depth series of workshops designed for credit union leaders seeking greater roles and responsibilities.  It is performance based instruction that teaches the art of leadership with well-focused, guided practices that encourage interactive participation and discussions.  You will develop skills and sharpen your abilities to guide employees in superior service, anticipate member needs, foster internal relationships, enhance the credit union culture, and strengthen your credit union’s presence to become a premier financial institution.
  • Quadrant 2:  Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training
    The Credit Union Development Education (DE) program promotes credit unions’ social responsibility and development through interactive adult education and professional networking.  By linking credit unions’ past and present, the DE program brings renewed relevance to credit unions’ seven cooperative principles and the philosophy of “People Helping People” providing you with critical lessons in cooperative principles and credit union philosophy while incorporating challenges credit unions face today.  During the week-long program, you will be involved in group exercises, field trips and issue discussions with speakers from around the credit union system.
  • Quadrant 3:  Western CUNA Management School
    This highly concentrated academic training occurs over three yearly two-week terms.  It is specially designed for future leaders who have set credit union management as their career goal and understand the need to keep abreast of developments in our industry.  The curriculum covers Strategic Planning, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Lending, Human Resources, Technology, Business Development, Economics, Business Law, Communications, Leadership, and much more.
  • Quadrant 4:  Mentoring and Coaching
    It’s a pretty heavy course load and you know you will make it – but just to help you along the way, you will be assigned a professional coach and a mentor to guide you down this path.  Your coach with make sure you are on track, help you sharpen your skills, and, when you need it, give you that pep talk to keep you off the bench.  Once your classroom training is complete, you will be paired with a current credit union leader to serve as a mentor and help apply your knowledge to real-world situations.  Your mentor will guide you through identifying and resolving current issues that require action at the executive level, giving you practical, executive management experience to move your career forward.


Ready to Start?

felp_chalk_climberApplying to the Foundation Executive Leadership Program is easy:

  1. Fill out the program Apply for 2017 starting in November
  2. Get a letter of recommendation from your credit union’s chief executive officer
  3. Submit your application and letter of recommendation by the deadline posted at the top of this page to:

Mountain West Credit Union Foundation
Attn: Dr. Dan Santangelo
1009 Grant St.
Denver, CO 80203

Finalists for the Foundation Executive Leadership Program will be invited to participate in a final assessment and interview process.  A total of three recipients will be selected – one from each of the three Mountain West states (AZ, CO, and WY).



For any questions related to the Foundation Executive Leadership Program contact:

Dr. Dan Santangelo, Executive Director