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2020 Election Updates


MWCUA Election Results 11.4.20 (003) MWCUA Election Results 11.4.20

Arizona Update

  • Democrat Mark Kelly is leading incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally 51.66% to 48.34%
  • Democrat incumbent Tom O’Halleran is currently leading 51.94% – 48.06% in the 1st Congressional District.
  • Republican incumbent David Schweikert is currently leading 51.53% – 48.47% in the 6th Congressional District
  • While some state legislative races remain too-close-to-call, Republicans are poised to maintain control of both chambers at the state legislature.
  • Senate Republicans selected their leadership on Thursday, while democrats have delayed their leadership meeting until next week.
    • Senate President—Karen Fann
    • Senate Majority Leader—Rick Gray
    • Senate Majority Whip—Sonny Borrelli
  • House Republicans selected their leadership on Thursday, while democrats have delayed their leadership meetings until next week.
    • Speaker of the House—Rusty Bowers
    • House Majority Leader—Ben Toma
    • House Majority Whip —Leo Biaslucci
    • Speaker Pro Tempore – Travis Grantham


  • Prop 207 which legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Arizona passed by a 60%-40% margin.
  • Prop 208 which imposes a 3.5% tax on certain income levels to increase funding for public education currently leads 51.98% – 48.02%.

Colorado Update:

  • Democrats continue their success in Colorado.
  • Democrat John Hickenlooper handily defeated incumbent Republican Cory Gardner
  • Republican Lauren Boebert kept the 3rd Congressional District for Republicans
  • Democrats have a net gain of 1 seat in the Colorado Senate.  They will lead the chamber 20-15.
  • Senate Leadership is as follows:
    • Senate President—Leroy Garcia
    • Senate Majority Leader—Steve Fenberg
    • Senate President Pro-Tem—Kerry Donovan
    • Senate Assistant Majority Leader—Rhonda Fields
    • Senate Majority Whip—Jeff Bridges
    • Senate Majority Caucus Chair—Julie Gonzales
    • Majority JBC Members—Dominick Moreno & Chris Hansen
    • Senate Minority Leader—Chris Holbert
    • Senate Assistant Minority Leader—John Cooke
    • Senate Minority Caucus Chair—Jim Smallwood
    • Senate Minority Whip—Paul Lundeen
    • Minority JBC Member—Bob Rankin


  • The Colorado House will continue to be led by Democrats 41-24.
  • House Leadership is as follows:
    • Speaker of the House—Alec Garnett
    • House Majority Leader—Daneya Esgar
    • Assistant Majority Leader—Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez
    • Majority Caucus Co-Chairs—Meg Froelich & Lisa Cutter
    • Majority Caucus Co-Whips—Monica Duran & Kyle Mullica
    • House Minority Leader—Hugh McKean, Kevin Van Winkle & Tim Geitner candidates (decided Monday)


  • Nearly all ballot measures passed including the repeal of the Gallagher amendment concerning property taxes and the reduction of the state income tax from 4.63% to 4.55%.
  • Prop 118 to create a state-run paid family leave program also passed.  Employer and employees will begin paying premiums in 2023 with benefits beginning to be available in 2024.  MWCUA will have more on the implementation of Prop 118 in the coming months.


Wyoming Update:

  • Former Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis easily defeated Democrat Merav Ben-David (73% to 27%) to fill the open US Senate seat created by the retirement of Mike Enzi
  • Congresswoman Liz Cheney bested her three challengers with 69% of the vote.


  • The Legislative races held a few surprises.  The most significant outcome of the 2020 election cycle being 24 new members of the legislature (6 Senate, 18 in the House).  The partisan mix in the Senate is 28R/2D and the House will be 52R/7D/1I, the independent caucuses with the Democrats.
  • Republicans lost one open seat State House Race while Democrats lost two State House incumbents and one open seat.


  • On a sad and very unexpected note, Rep. Roy Edwards (R-HD53 – Campbell County) passed away the day prior to the election.  Rep. Edwards was unopposed in the General election after defeating a challenger in the primary 804 to 588.  He had served three terms in the State House.  A replacement will be chosen by the Campbell County Republican Party by the end of the month.


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