Friday Evening (11/9) Election Update From MWCUA

Although voting in the 2018 midterm election has been over for 3-days, the election continues for several candidates who are still locked in races that remain too-close-to-call.  Before heading off for the Veterans Day Weekend, I wanted to provide you with the latest update for some of those tight races we are still watching. For these races, ballots will continue to be counted through the weekend and could last as late as next week.


The biggest prize in Arizona continues to be too-close-to-call, as Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally are locked in a tight race for U.S. Senate.

After falling behind by roughly 15,000 votes on election night, Sinema jumped ahead of McSally by 9,000 votes on Thursday night as counties started reporting ballots that were left uncounted on election night.

At 5:00pm Friday, updated numbers were posted on the Arizona Secretary of State Website. Based upon those new numbers, Sinema built on her lead from last night and now holds a 20,203 (1.01%) vote advantage over McSally.

In addition to the Sinema race, the new numbers have changed the landscape for several other races.  In particular, the Secretary of State race has tightened as well. Republican Steve Gaynor has seen his lead shrink to 10,609 (0.6%) against Democrat Katie Hobbs.  Also, Democrat Kathy Hoffman is now leading Republican Frank Riggs by 31,886 votes (1.6%) for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Lastly, Republican State Senator Kate Brophy McGee is still clinging on to a narrow lead, as she is ahead by 616 votes against Democrat Christine Porter Marsh.

Over 300,000 votes remain outstanding and votes are expected to go on through the weekend.  Maricopa county plans to release new vote counts every day at 5pm. If you want to stay up-to-date through the weekend, visit


In Colorado, 4 house districts remain too-close-to-call.  Democrats are leading in three of those contest, while the Republican is currently leading in one of them.

They include:

  • In HD27 (Arvada), Democrat Brianna Titone is leading Republican Vicki Pyne by about 194 votes.
  • In HD50 (Greeley) Democrat Rochelle Galindo is holding a lead of 1,468 votes over Republican Michael Thuener.
  • In HD47, Democrat Bri Buentello is leading Republican Don Bendell by 54 vote
  • In HD38 (Arapahoe County), Republican Rep. Susan Beckman was leading Democrat Chris Kolker by 526 votes.

It could take several days before we find out the final results in the contests, especially if a recount is requested or triggered under Colorado law. A recount is mandatory when the number of votes separating the top two candidates is 0.5 percent or less than the total number of votes cast for the leading candidate.


In Wyoming, a recount is mandatory if the number of votes separating the top two candidates is 1% percent or less than the total number of votes cast for the leading candidate. At this time, no races fall within this threshold.

We hope all have a great weekend and Happy Veterans Day to all those that have served and their families.