AZ & CO Credit Unions Deemed Essential Services

We have been working closely at the state level to ensure that as cities and states begin to close more “non-essential” businesses and people are asked to shelter at home, that credit unions are deemed an essential business and allowed to remain open to serve members. On March 23, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued a “stay-at-home” executive order ordering all city residents to stay inside their homes except for essential reasons.

As of March 23, both Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and Colorado Governor Jared Polis have signed executive orders deeming credit unions among the list of “essential” businesses allowed to remain open and provide services under those shelter orders and business closings.

In certain individual cases, we are working to determine solutions for credit unions that are unable to offer drive-thru services, or those whose physical locations are in facilities that may close to the public.

Arizona’s Executive Order

Colorado’s Executive Order