Mountain West Credit Union Association Board Announces Support of CUNA-League Dual Membership Structure

PHOENIX, Az. and DENVER, Co. (November 4, 2015) –  In its October 29 meeting, the Board of Directors of the The Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA) adopted a measure of support for the recent Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Board action preserving the current CUNA-League dual membership structure.

The MWCUA Board supports that the most effective model for credit unions is one in which credit unions are members of both their League/Association and CUNA. As a result, the MWCUA Board took action to show support of the September 18 decision of the CUNA Board.

“Advocacy is at the heart of what we do for our member credit unions,” said Scott Earl, President and CEO of the MWCUA. “Our efforts are championed by CUNA and together, we are able to present a united front that best represents the interests of our members and the credit union movement.”

The MWCUA represents 126 member credit unions in three states: Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. Combined, the Association represents the interests of 3.1 million members and $37 billion in assets.

“There is a long history of the Leagues/Associations and CUNA working together and we have accomplished a great deal to advance the credit union movement,” said John Uchida, chairman of the MWCUA Board and President of Space Age Federal Credit Union in Aurora, Colorado. “Our unification and strength are critical as we continue to navigate the ever-changing world of financial services. We are absolutely better when we work together.”

In 2014, the CUNA Board of Directors established and charged the System Structure and Governance Task Force to review and make recommendations concerning CUNA’s governance and structure and the operation and effectiveness of the CUNA/League System. The Task Force spent a significant amount of time collecting information from credit unions, Leagues and system partners. The Task Force’s findings were presented in September to the CUNA Board. In that meeting, the CUNA Board voted to preserve the current structure of dual membership.

About the Mountain West Credit Union Association

The Mountain West Credit Union Association is the regional tri-state trade association representing 126 member credit unions, 3.1 million credit union members and $37 billion in assets throughout Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. Not-for-profit in nature, credit unions provide low-cost financial services to their members. Founded in 2011, the Mountain West Credit Union Association serves and supports the interests of member credit unions through advocacy, community outreach, education and training, public affairs, regulatory and compliance services and strategic partnerships. The Mountain West Credit Union Association is affiliated with Credit Union National Association (CUNA), World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and CUNA Mutual Group. Follow us on twitter at or on Facebook at To learn more about credit unions visit