New! Bundled Webinars Customized for your CU

Mountain West has joined forces with our webinar partner to provide you with an all new, customized webinar platform for your credit union.  This new all-in-one training solution allows you to choose from nearly 50 recorded webinars in bundles of 10 at a discounted rate of up to 25%!  Once you have selected your webinars, a webpage will be created containing links to your chosen training.  You can customize this page with your credit union’s logo and colors and then share it with any employee or board member.  Your customized website will be accessible via desktop or mobile devices and available 24 hours a day, for up to one year.  This new offering called, CUTrainingNET, is available now and a great way to use your remaining 2015 training dollars to create educational value for an entire year.