8.15.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages Decline at Bank Post QM Rule
  • CFPB to Take Consumer Complaints on Bitcoin, Virtual Currency
  • FICO Credit Score Will No Longer Include Paid or Settled Debts

8.8.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • DDoS Threat Landscape Continues to Evolve
  • New Fraud Scheme Involves Hacking of Executives’ Email
  • Looking for Keys to Membership Diversity
  • NCUA: No Corporate Assessment (But No Refunds Either)
  • CFPB Says Debit, ATM Overdraft Services Still Raise Concerns
  • TILA-RESPA Guidance Needed – The CFPB’s Rule to Integrate TILA-RESPA

8.01.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • CFPB, FTC, 15 States Sweep in on Foreclosure Relief Scammers
  • NCUA Outlines Late-Filer Civil Money Penalty Process
  • NCUA Gives Examiners FinCEN Guidance for Marijuana Business
  • PowerComment – National Online Tool Available to CUs for Communicating Regulatory Advocacy Concerns

7.25.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Georgia Check Casher Gets Dinged for Repeated BSA Violations: FinCEN
  • MasterCard Extends Zero Liability Policy
  • CFPB Files Suit vs. Debt Collection ‘Lawsuit Mill’
  • CFPB Clarifies How Same-Sex Court Ruling Affects Lending Rules
  • New FinCEN SAR Stats Tackles Bitcoin Risk
  • Cybersecurity Stakes are High, Says Treasury Secretary Lew

7.18.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • CUNA Makes NCUA L.A. Listening Session Audio
  • Payday Lender Must Refund $5 Million for Illegal Practices
  • FATF Offers Definitions, Pros and Cons of Virtual Currencies
  • CFPB Clarifies Mortgage Rule for Surviving Family Members

7.11.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit Nearing the End of Draw Period – NCUA Letter 14-CU-08
  • Civil Money Penalties Targeted to 84 Late Filers
  • GAO: Virtual Currencies Raise Consumer, Investor Protection Issues
  • CUs Among FIs with Increased Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Treasury Reaches Largest Ever Sanctions-Related Settlements
  • Canadian Anti-Spam Law Addresses Commercial Emails

6.27.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • FHA on Lookout for ‘Deceptive’ Marketing for Reverse Mortgages
  • New IRR Resource Page Unveiled by NCUA
  • NCUA Proposed to Allow FCUs to Securitize Own Loans
  • CFPB Orders Bank to Pay $225 Million in Relief for Cerdit Card Practices
  • New Rule will Reduce Burdens on Voluntary Liquidations of FCUs

6.20.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • HMDA Reporting Affected by Changes to HOEPA Coverage
  • Treasury Releases BSA Data Sharing Practices with Counter-Terrorism Center
  • CFPB Fines N.J.Title Company for Referral Kickbacks
  • SBA Unveils New Interactive Lending Platform Tools
  • NCUA Provides Insights on Supervision of ‘Reputation Risk’

6.13.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Fannie Mae Updates Unemployment Forebearance Requirements
  • Agencies Clarify NFIP Maximum Building Coverage Limit
  • Visa Announces New Prepaid Card Designation

6.06.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • FinCEN Issues Update on U.S. Currency Restrictions in Mexico Regarding Funnel Accounts and TBML
  • Nearly Half of U.S. Adults are Victim of Compromised Personal Data
  • States Seek Feds’ Banking Guidance on Cannabis Businesses
  • Alabama Firm Fined for Inadequate ‘RESPA’ Disclosures