2.28.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • CFPB Takes Action Against Mortgage Lender for Illegal Payments
  • Internet Domain Just for Credit Unions on Its Way
  • CFPB Announces HMDA Proposals Under Consideration

2.21.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Updated CUNA Projections Show High Cost to Credit Unions for Target Breach
  • NCUA Recoveries Improve Outlook for Corporate Stabilization Fund
  • FinCEN Issues Guidance on Marijuana Accounts but CUNA Recommends Caution

2.14.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • HUD Updates Its Foreclosure Brochure
  • FASB Excludes Credit Unions from ‘Public Business Entity’ Definition

2.07.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Credit Unions Must Not Fall Under CFPB Debt Collection Regs, CUNA Urges
  • Senate Approved Farm Bill Contains CU Changes
  • New NCUA Booklet Gives Member Share Insurance Details
  • CUNA CompBlog Clears Up Small Issuer QM Questions

1.31.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Be Careful About Security Breach Emails
  • Data Protection, QM Concerns Lead CFPB Hearing
  • Periodic Statement Questions Tackled in CUNA CompBlog
  • NCUA Approves Final Derivatives Investment Rule
  • Joint Diversity Standards Proposal

1.24.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Civil Money Penalties to be Assessed for Late Call Report and Profile Submissions in 2014
  • Credit Unions offering RDC Face Increased Risk with Reg CC Proposed Amendment
  • Consumers Targeted by Vishing Scam Should Call NCUA’s Hotline

1.17.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • NCUA Issues Regulatory Alert Regarding HOEPA Rule
  • Risk, Simplified Exams NCUA 2014 Supervisory Priorities
  • NCUA Reiterates TILA Guidance in Reg Alert
  • GAO: Data Breach Policies Challenge Even Govt Agencies

1.10.2014 Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

  • Financial Regulators Issue Final Guidance on Social Media
  • NCUA Improves Share Insurance Estimator
  • CFPB Addresses New Reg Z Ability to Repay Requirements
  • Compliance Requirements in Responding to Target Breach