Cannabis Banking Seminar

On October 15th Sundie Seefried, CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union, will lead a seminar in Denver, CO on servicing Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs) in Colorado. Ms. Seefried will share how they devised, tested and launched a cannabis banking program in 2015, which has withstood the scrutiny of eight federal and state exams, earned praise from legislators and industry leaders and garnered national attention in the New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, and Reuters. While banking the cannabis industry is not for every credit union, this seminar is designed to provide critical information to credit union staff and board members interested in understanding the issues that surround serving the marijuana industry while maintaining BSA/AML obligations. The cannabis industry is permeating every level of enterprise in the state of Colorado, and understanding the industry is your best defense to ensuring you understand the potential impact on your credit union. Joining Ms. Seefried at this seminar will be DORA State Bank and Financial Services Commissioner, Patty Salazar, who will provide an update on the state of Colorado’s position on banking MRBs.

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