Upcoming BSA Officer Training in AZ & CO

One of the most serious responsibilities entrusted to your credit union is finding and combating financial crime and terrorist financing – it’s also required under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), one of the most important pieces of credit union legislation. At the Mountain West BSA Officer Training you’ll learn about areas of emphasis by NCUA examiners in 2020, trends being seen by law enforcement and overall issues and hotspots relevant to BSA.
Topics include:
  – NCUA’s 2020 Supervisory Focus on Bank Secrecy Act Compliance/Anti-Money Laundering
– Marijuana and Hemp Businesses
– SARs Filing and Investigations

Pricing: $269
Early Bird Pricing:  $239  (see each event website for EB registration deadlines)

March 19 – BSA Officer Training: Phoenix, AZ
April 7 – BSA Officer Training: Denver, CO