AEA Federal Credit Union Announces Charity Finalists for GO Direct Initiative $10,000 Donation



Yanna L. Kruse, Vice President of Marketing
AEA Federal Credit Union
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AEA Federal Credit Union 
Announces Charity Finalists for 
GO Direct Initiative $10,000 Donation

Yuma, AZ—AEA Federal Credit Union announced today that its goal to award members with over $200,000 in Instant Cash for Car Loans before year-end has been successfully reached, triggering AEA’s pledge to write a $10,000 check to one community service organization.  Open voting for AEA’s GO Direct Initiative’s $10,000 Charity Donation will officially start on January 1, 2013 on the credit union’s Facebook site.  Competing for the big check are: Crossroads Mission, Hospice of Yuma and the Yuma Community Food Bank.

Nominations for charities have been accepted on AEA’s website at for the past four months.  The three organization finalists will now compete for the $10,000 donation through an online Facebook voting process.  Yanna Kruse, Vice President of Marketing for AEA Federal Credit Union commented, “All three charitable organization finalists provide a unique and much-appreciated contribution to our community, so it was impossible for us to choose just one to receive the $10,000 donation.  That’s why we’re opening it to a community vote!”

AEA’s GO Direct-Instant Cash for Car Loans program continues into 2013, awarding members with up to 1% of auto loan balances in instant cash when members go directly to the Credit Union for auto financing.  

Yanna Kruse continued, “People helping people is the fundamental purpose of credit unions.  By taking this member-centric approach to auto lending, AEA Federal Credit Union grows, members are rewarded and the community is strengthened.  It’s a positive GO Direct effect where everyone benefits.”

AEA Federal Credit Union is a community-chartered credit union serving 42,000 members throughout Yuma and La Paz Counties.  For more information, visit or call 928-783-8881.  


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