Landings Credit Union Member wins $2500 in “Seasons of Reasons” Sweepstakes

Tempe, AZ March 2, 2015 – During the past holiday season from November 3rd, 2014 through January 31, 2015, Fidelity Information Services LLC sponsored a nationwide sweepstakes focusing on using Bill Pay through your financial institution.

The Sweepstakes titled “Seasons of Reasons” gave entrants 1 entry into the contest for every 3 payees that the member set up as well as one entry for every 5 bills paid of $10 or more during the dates of the sweepstakes. There was a 5 entry limit per month as different winners were drawn in each of the 3 months of the sweepstakes.  Odds of winning were determined by the number of entries received.  Awards were based on 2 different categories regarding asset size of the financial institution; in this case those larger and smaller than 100 million dollars in assets.  There were 3 grand prizes of $5000 given each month and 6 first place prizes of $2500 given 2 per month in each asset class.

In January, Melvin and Heather Frost who are members of Landings Credit Union took home a $2500 first place prize.  Heather did not have to do anything out of the ordinary to gain entry into the prize pool.  When I asked her about Bill Pay she said, “I love Bill Pay, I use it all of the time.” Bill Pay and other streamlined services that allow you to make payments online have really changed the way personal finance is managed.  No longer do you have to write a check and lick a stamp to get your payment to wherever it is going.  Bill Pay services allow you to manage all of your payees from the comfort of home, all while deciding when and how much to pay with the click of a mouse. This and other enhanced services like mobile apps which can include remote deposits are really changing the banking industry.

Congratulations to the Frost’s who learned firsthand just some of the benefits of being credit union members by simply using the services provided by the credit union.

About Landings Credit Union

Landings Credit Union, based in Tempe, Ariz., serves a wide range of members including students, faculty, staff and family for all schools in Maricopa County along with over 400 select employee groups. The current asset size is $140 million dollars with over 14,000 members. Landings Credit Union has been serving members for over 60 years, helping them with all of their financial needs. For more information on Landings Credit Union, please visit

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