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Episode 9

Open your eyes to “OPEN YOUR EYES” with Chris Lorence

Welcome to In The Movement Podcast with your show hosts Christopher Kemm and Austin De Bey discuss all things happening in the credit union movement. Each episode will feature leaders talking about history and current affairs and how we can utilize our expertise to educate, communicate, and mobilize to better serve our movement.

Today, our guest host is Patti Hazlett, who is the Director of Public Affairs with MWCUA. She joins Chris and Austin as they interview Chris Lorence with CU Awareness on the show. He has been in financial services his entire life, with his first memories of his mom going through the drive-through at their local bank. He was fortunate enough to land a position as the Executive Director for the first big credit union banking campaign in 2018. 

Guest Bio

Chris began his career in the credit union movement, serving in several capacities at Spectrum Federal Credit Union and FDIC Employees Federal Credit Union. In 2014, Chris was named to the FORBES 50 Influential CMO’s in the Social Media list and the Top 100 CMO’s on Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine.

Chris Lorence is executive director of CU Awareness, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Lorence leads Credit Union Awareness and the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign, a digital-first marketing campaign aiming to raise consumer consideration of credit unions.

Lorence brings more than twenty-five years of marketing, engagement, and growth strategy to Credit Union Awareness. He spent two decades in the financial services association sector, most recently serving as Group Executive Vice President of Engagement & Strategy/Chief Marketing Officer. He developed and deployed digital and social media marketing programs that significantly increased website traffic, market share, and digital advertising revenues in his most recent role.

Putting a New Perspective on “Open Your Eyes” Credit Union Campaign

Chris was excited about this campaign when he first saw the announcement in 2018. He immediately went back to his office to apply for the executive director position and landed the position. Ecstatic about his new job to go to bat for credit unions nationwide, Chris enjoys being the voice to let consumers know more about credit unions and why they should join their local branch.

He comments on the purpose of the campaign, “We aren’t selling a campaign; we are trying to fix a problem.” With credit unions, the best kept financial secret, Chris’s job is to reveal the benefits of using credit unions to consumers nationwide for more consumers to take advantage of the benefits of putting your money into credit unions.

The Purpose of the Credit Union Campaign

“What we are doing, in essence, is reaching up into the stratosphere of consumers and capturing those folks while they are in the market for financial services,” Chris comments that they are leading consumers down the credit union path and answering objections and questions along the way for them to understand that all consumers can join a credit union.

Listen in to find out how Chris plans on reaching new audiences with the campaign, how Chris positions his campaign around authenticity, and how credit unions can utilize their assets for better business. Learn how Chris and his team are progressing through the marketing campaign and how they focus their campaign.

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Show Notes:

[06:05] The first branding campaign for credit unions in 2018.

[11:32] Credit Union “Open Your Eyes” campaign details.

[14:25] The purpose of the campaign for credit unions.

[16:13] How consumer-friendly is your credit union website?

[19:46] Changing the message for better consumer fit and reach.

[23:12] Learning to work together with other credit unions.

[25:55] Launching the new program and stats on the progress of the campaign.

[28:00] Industry ROI tied into the campaign.

[35:07] Using social media marketing to speak to younger generations of new consumers.

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