Scott Earl – Episode 2

Today, we talk with Scott Earl, the president and CEO of the Mountain West Credit Association. There are many times in Scott’s 39-year career where he’s played a part in moving forward credit unions. From the Arizona league or the time he spent in the credit union merger with the mountain west states, he has shown a passion for his work and employees. He is a leader that you don’t want to let down because he leads by example. It’s leaders like Scott that have demonstrated the true ‘people leading people’ in our movement.

Scott started his career when he graduated from college, interviewed with a credit union league president, and was hired as the director of marketing and relations. “I was on the ground floor of credit unions becoming better marketers.”

He worked for Dave Adams, who told Scott that if he wanted his job, he would need to find Dave a better job. Scott took on the challenge, and in 1991, Scott found that the Washington Credit Union president was leaving. Dave took the job, and Scott became the successor for Dave as president.

Listen in to find out why Scott chose Children’s Hospital for his philanthropic work, history with the credit union movement, and what sparked the idea that Scott could change people’s lives. Learn Scott’s perspective on how credit unions work differently from state to state, why credit unions need the association to be successful, and what Scott predicts about credit unions’ future.


Scott Earl is the president and CEO of the Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA), representing 117 credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming.

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Show Notes:

[04:04] Scott’s start of his career in the Utah Credit League

[05:49] How Scott rose to the position of president of the Credit Union.

[08:23] Scott’s movement into his philanthropic work with Children’s Hospital.

[10:57] His next role as chairman of the CUNA credit union and coordinating hurricane disaster recovery.

[12:34] What Scott learned from his role as chairman of CUNA.

[15:01] Scott reflects on his time in CUNA and AACUL and how they differed.

[18:15] We ask Scott what he thinks the biggest issue is in today’s credit union environment.

[20:23] Where he sees credit unions moving into the future.

[22:47] Are credit unions moving forward the right way with technology?

[25:10] Continuing with a voice of advocacy within the credit union association.

[28:07] Our affinity for living in the western United States.

[30:24] The highest valuable asset is family.


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