Chief Executive Institute Inspires Leadership Through Challenge

It is said that in times of crisis, the best leaders emerge. The pandemic proved a challenge on many fronts, but leaders who faced the uncertainty head-on now reap the benefits of their commitment. Their resilience and flexibility during a crisis allowed them to make decisions that would benefit their credit union in the long run, achieving sustainability in a time of chaos. Where do such leaders come from? In the credit union movement, they are often participants in the MWCUA Foundation’s Chief Executive Institute.

The Chief Executive Institute, which is taking applications now for the 2021/2022 class, is designed to develop leaders who can inspire their teams, make decisions with clarity, and serve as mentors and role models for business professionals throughout the CU movement.

Chief Executive Institute “It is really important to foster the growth of CEOs that haven’t been in their position for very long. Prospective participants should come with the willingness to learn and grow and be open-minded to others.” Kathy Glanz, President of the Yuma County Federal Credit Union and CEI graduate.

PHOTO: Kathy Glanz and her team at Yuma County Federal Credit union.

Baldrige-Based Criteria is World-Renowned

The CEI utilizes the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, accepted globally as the gold standard for organizational performance excellence. The criteria were designed to impact management and sustainability across all industries – no matter where they are located and no matter what size the organization. The Baldrige Criteria employ an approach that makes them universally adaptable, from manufacturing to health care to credit unions.

By leveraging the experience of professionals in other industries, new CEOs in the credit union movement can put in place best practices that will establish a sustainable long-term plan and process for their organization.

Invaluable to New CEOs

Kathy Glanz, President of the Yuma County Federal Credit Union, is a scholarship recipient and graduate of the MWCUA’s Chief Executive Institute. In a recent interview, she spoke to the value of working side-by-side with other new CEOs to put a plan and process in place for their respective credit unions. “I decided it would be a great opportunity to learn and grow with fellow Credit Union CEOs that were all fairly new in their positions,” Kathy stated. “My biggest takeaway was the networking and friendships with the fellow participants. I still keep in contact with several of the attendees. We ask each other for advice and bounce ideas off each other.”

In fact, the Institute is a valuable tool for those relatively new to their position. Most CEOs come into their new role with excitement and a vision of where they want to take the organization – but may not have the practical tools to put such a plan in motion. The Baldrige Criteria provides chief executives with codified quality management principles and a comprehensive framework for reaching long-term goals.

“I believe that both the employees and members benefit from my participation in the program because I was able to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as a CEO,” Kathy shared. Her sentiment is echoed by many who have taken advantage of the Chief Executive Institute and other high-level programs such as the Leadership Institute. The best leaders are keenly aware not only of the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations but also of their own leadership styles.

The business and financial worlds are complex, and in the last 18 months, we learned just how fast everything could change. The Chief Executive Institute is designed to give every new CEO the tools they will need to face and rise above every crisis and challenge and emerge as a great leader.

Next Steps

As a CEO, you are always looking for innovative strategies to foster growth and resilience in your organization. The CEI will position you as a values-based thought leader and role model for your employees and the industry.

The MWCUA Foundation is proud to offer scholarships to help attendees with the cost of the 2 year year program. Click here for more information.

If you are ready to take the next step, sign up for the 2021/2022 CEI. Applications are due by August 13, 2021, and the program begins in September. The curriculum includes in-person workshops, virtual seminars, online instructional modules, and virtual one-on-one mentoring.