2021 Gala to Celebrate CU Success Through Adversity

2020 was a challenge for everyone, and the Mountain West Credit Union Association was no exception. But our members have reason to celebrate this September, as the 13th Annual Star Gala is returning in style. The highly anticipated event is scheduled for September 24th and will be held once again at the famous Vehicle Vault in Parker, Colorado.

Diana Adell, Director of Events for the Foundation is organizing the event and says that the excitement is at a different level this year. “Attendees of both the 2021 Leadership Institute and Annual Meeting were so happy to meet with colleagues in person again,” she shares – and notes that Gala participants are exuding a similar enthusiasm.

“This year’s Gala is more of a celebration than usual,” Diana states. “We are celebrating being able to get together once again, absolutely. But the event also provides us with a unique opportunity to honor the credit union members’ resiliency and hard work during the pandemic.”

Gala organizers made a few exciting changes to the standard agenda, bringing in two popular favorites to reflect the added air of festivity.

    • During the cocktail hour, the sensational Spinphony Electric String Quartet will perform lively arrangements of classical, rock, and pop melodies, guaranteed to entertain no matter what your musical style.
    • During and after dinner, Denver’s Black Iris Collective will offer an exciting audience experience, performing 1920’s-style “Glam Pop” and Top 40 music that will keep you on your feet.

    Both performances are guaranteed to inspire a fun and celebratory atmosphere, perfect for the Gala’s return.

    Opportunity to Applaud Credit Union Employees

    Diana wants this year’s Gala to recognize the remarkable efforts of credit union members during an unprecedented crisis. With no plan to follow and no strategy to fall back on, MWCUA members met challenges in creative and innovative ways. Throughout the region, they not only made every effort to provide exceptional customer service under stressful conditions but reached out to the community to provide support and camaraderie.

    In fact, Diana sees a fortuitous opportunity for CU executives to reward their staff in a special way this year. “While typically the awards banquet is attended by CU leadership, this year we are suggesting that members participate by sending those mid-level managers and employees who went above and beyond during the pandemic. The Gala is an exciting, upscale event – and attending would be a wonderful reward for valued staff and management.” For those leaders who have scheduling conflicts and are unable to attend, sending those who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to experience such an event helps support the Foundation’s initiatives while building team morale. “Bronze Level Sponsorships are perfect for that type of team reward,” says Diana, noting that the level provides for a table for eight attendees for an affordable donation.

    Gala Sponsorship Supports Foundation Initiatives

    For over 30 years, the MWCUA Foundation has provided quality educational programs promoting leadership development and executive-level skills. These programs are essential for member credit unions to strategically prepare their CUs for the future by training the next generation of leaders. The Foundation has continued its important educational work throughout the pandemic, adjusting to provide virtual classes until in-person sessions were once again feasible.

    The 13th Annual Star Gala will be an outstanding event to remember – but more importantly, donations and sponsorships will provide the Foundation’s scholarships and grants, which are awarded to all interested attendees. Your contribution ensures the continuation of these valuable programs.

    As we learned in 2020, unprecedented challenges can arise unexpectedly – but because of the training offered by the Foundation, quality leadership will always rise to the occasion and meet those difficulties head-on.  For more information about the 2021 Annual Star Gala, click here or contact Diana Adell at dadell@gowest.org.