2022 MWCUA Leadership Institute Accepting Applications

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Effective leadership in the CU movement requires guidance from mentors, access to education, and ongoing support to reinforce lessons learned. While it is said that “leaders are born, not made,” the best leaders have their skills honed as they walk their career paths.

The MWCUA Foundation is providing an opportunity for CU professionals to join their peers at the annual Leadership Institute and Executive Leadership Program. But you’ll need to act fast, as the deadline for applications is December 15, 2021. Click here for Scholarship information.

Leadership Institute Provides Multi-Disciplined Training

The 2022 Leadership Institute provides the networking, tools, and strategies to empower our natural-born leaders to become influential executives in the CU movement.

Providing these programs over the years has proven to the Foundation that leadership requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure present direction and future success. Education is delivered via three in-person workshops, four virtual seminars, and several online learning modules. The training takes place over seven months, giving the participant the flexibility to avail themselves of the training without missing out on their day-to-day career responsibilities.

The workshops are scheduled at the beginning, middle, and end of the curriculum, and virtual seminars continue to foster relationships throughout the process. Even given the need for participants to remain at their home location for the majority of the program, the workshops and team projects are staggered to provide networking and team-building opportunities throughout the experience. Two leadership assessments are also performed to establish a new participant’s beginning strengths; and acquired skills and knowledge as they graduate the program.

There is no specific job title required for participation. Emerging leaders across our membership are encouraged to apply, from supervisors and managers to aspiring team leads. If you are looking to hone your leadership skills and move forward in your career, the Institute may be for you.

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Carrying the Vision into the Future

Our credit unions’ mission is to provide exceptional customer service, strengthen internal relationships, and develop a positive community presence. The professionals who graduate from the Leadership Institute intuitively anticipate needs and proactively work to enrich the credit union movement as a whole while developing their own skills to carry the vision into the future.

The program is presented based upon the BE-KNOW-DO leadership model:

  • BE: This aspect of leadership training targets the development of values-based leadership. Modules, training, and projects help the participant focus on using strong values when making decisions and troubleshooting issues. The BE portion of the curriculum allows emerging and current leaders to identify and strengthen their own personal leadership brand.
  • KNOW: It is imperative for leaders in the CU movement to honestly comprehend their current level of interpersonal skills to improve and grow. The training focuses on communication strategies, team leadership competency, and personal supervision styles while providing tangible problem-solving, change management, and performance management tools.
  • DO: Effective leadership is active and participatory -you can’t just dial it in. Leaders in the CU movement are expected to live out their values through their actions and decisions and cultivate up-and-coming leaders in the same. The participant will learn how to facilitate learning throughout their team and enable more productive communication, planning, and mentoring while teaching conflict management and providing team evaluations.

How Will the Leadership Training Benefit Your Credit Union?

Talented, trained, and empowered leaders do much more for the CU movement than enhance their own careers. The skills and leadership acquired through the program have proven to have a strong correlation to local CU strength – resulting in numerous branch level benefits:

  • stronger employee morale
  • reduced attrition and turnover
  • increased productivity and profitability
  • stronger accountability
  • improved work ethic
  • improved employee relations
  • more effective conflict management

All of these benefits have been directly correlated to the program by past Leadership Institute graduates.

Scholarships and Grants

The $3,600 tuition fee covers all instruction, materials, and two meals per day. The tuition fee cost can often be largely or entirely offset by available scholarships and grants provided by the Foundation. Click here for more information.

The deadline for application is December 15, 2021. Click today to take the next step in your credit union career.