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About Us

Our Mission

The Foundation promotes leadership development and long-term success of credit unions in their communities.

How We Get Things Done

We accomplish our work through professional development scholarships, academic scholarships, affordable financial services grants, credit union development grants and public financial education grants.

Our History

Established as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Foundation was created to support professional development through scholarships to credit union volunteers, management and staff. Today, our programs have grown to include academic scholarships to credit union members and grants that assist credit unions in providing affordable financial services, credit union development and public financial education.

We have disbursed funds to non-profit organizations, credit unions, credit union personnel, and credit union members in the furtherance of our mission. This funding touches hundreds of lives each year and we continue to make inroads towards a future of personal financial freedom for everyone in our community. Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of individuals, credit unions, and system partners who help us put “people helping people” into action.

Our Impact

Foundation initiatives are making a difference every year. In 2017, we awarded $61,469 in professional development scholarships and $86,905 in Executive Leadership Program scholarships. We also gave $126,805 toward funding leadership, and we helped create 207 new leaders from 52 credit unions.

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Our Leadership

Todd Pearson

Chairman Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Rainy Thoen

Vice Chair Community Choice Credit Union

Dennis Paul

Secretary Elevations Credit Union

Tyler Valentine

Treasurer StagePoint Federal Credit Union


Judy Auvil

(San Tan Credit Union)

Scott Earl

(Mountain West Credit Union Association)

Eric Renaud

(Pima Federal Credit Union)

Jay Champion

(Westerra Credit Union)

Bob Hoel

(Filene Research Institute)

Tessa Bonfante

(Denver Community Credit Union)

Jane Prancan

(Bellco Credit Union)

Brian Rohrbacher

(Atlantic City Federal Credit Union)

Todd Marksberry

(Canvas Credit Union )


Caroline Barragan

Foundation Manager of Development and Administration

Sara Shubra

Coordinator Association Services/Compliance