An Inside Perspective into the World Council’s YP Exchange

Nichole Fabiois the Indirect Lending Managerfor Hughes Federal Credit Union and this year’s YP Exchange Scholarship Recipient. The World Council's YP Exchange brings together a multi-national audience of young professionals for a youth summit. This Summit explores how credit unions in each country are working to expand... Read more

Four Perspectives from This Year’s Annual Meeting

As another successful Annual Meeting came to a close, we sat down with four of this year’s participants in the Young Professionals Track to talk about the highlights of the experience, the future of the Credit Union Movement, and why it’s so important that we continue to invest in young professionals. This is our conversa... Read more

The 2019 Annual Meeting and Convention is Fast Approaching!

This year’s Annual Meeting and Convention will be held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort in Arizona, and boasts an impressive lineup of Keynote Speakers and Breakout Sessions, guest activities, exhibits and sponsorships. The Annual Golf Tournament, one of the Foundation’s biggest fund raisers, will kick off the convention on Apr... Read more

Congratulations to the 2019 Executive Leadership Scholars!

We are proud to introduce this group of elite emerging leaders devoted to the development of ongoing growth and leadership. All Executive Leadership Scholars are selected using a comprehensive process that includes an application submission, letters of recommendation, leadership skills assessments, and panel interviews... Read more

A Legacy of Credit Union Growth through Community Support and Education

An Interview with Carroll D. Beach and a Call for Brayman-Beach Scholarship Applications

For the Credit Unions in our Association, The Brayman-Beach Scholarship is an opportunity to offer members a Foundation supported benefit that demonstrates a deep commitment to the community through investing in young adults. S... Read more

The Mentor Program that was Created for Credit Union Leaders Like You

Every seasoned professional looking back on their career can point to at least one person who was there at key moments to offer guidance and advice. But, these important advisors don’t always just fall into our laps. Most of the time, they must be sought out. That’s the purpose of  Read more

Thanks to you.

Not for credit, not for charity, but for service.

What a year! I am incredibly grateful to have spent another year working alongside professionals who live out the Credit Union philosophy every day. The Foundation is important to our Movement because it promotes Credit Union leadership, education, ... Read more