Professional Development | Running Effective Meetings

Running Effective Meetings All of us have experienced meetings that feel like a complete waste of our time. But, what are the key factors that contribute to an efficiently run, productive meeting? How can you do everything possible to make sure everyone leaves the meeting feeling energized and like they’ve … Read More

Time Management | 8 Ways To Save 10 Minutes

8 Ways To Save 10 Minutes (or more) What follows are a handful of the best tips I could find about how to take better control of your time. Not all of these will be applicable to your particular situation or appealing to you. But, any one of these tips … Read More

3 Ways To Increase Productivity

Become More Productive In Every Area of Your Life “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt Do you ever feel that you have too much to do? Like, every day? Yeah. Me too. Getting a handle on my schedule is a never-ending battle. And … Read More

MWCUA Leadership Program Recipients for 2013

Introducing the 2013 Executive Leadership Program Recipients I am proud to introduce you to the Mountain West Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Leadership Program recipients for 2013. All three candidates exemplify the values and principles of Credit Union philosophy in every aspect of their life, both personal and professional, and are passionate … Read More

Professional Development | Improving Core Listening Skills

Improving Core Listening Skills By Dan Finerty, Director of Marketing, MWCUA What’s more frustrating than being in a conversation and not really being listened to? We can probably all recant plenty of occasions when we’ve felt unheard, dismissed, and unimportant to the person we are trying to talk to. However, while … Read More

Credit Unions Give Big to Children's Hospital

Foundation Chairman John Uchida, Board Member Bob Hoel, Executive Director Dan Santangelo, and Foundation President Scott Earl (pictured below) presented Children’s Hospital Colorado with a check for more than $79,000 on November 19th.  The funds raised were a result of the Miracle Marathon held across Colorado from October 1-27th and … Read More

Mountain West Credit Union Association: The Leadership Institute

Growing the next generation of Credit Union leaders A tall order? Perhaps not, if you are one of the participants in the Mountain West Credit Union Leadership Institute Program. In 2011, eleven emerging leaders from Wyoming credit unions were the first group to participate in this transformational event. Arizona was … Read More

Professional development ~ Thinking Creatively

5 Ways to Inspire Creative Thinking by Dan Finerty, Director of Marketing, MWCUA Creativity should surface and thrive at every level of an organization. Do you agree? The ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions to common and uncommon problems is the foundation for improved decision making … Read More

Talent Management

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Personal Development

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