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Foundation Executive Leadership Program

The 2022 Executive Leadership Program application is now open for application. Deadline for submission, January 7, 2022.

Leaders Like You

The Foundation’s Executive Leadership Program was created for the future leaders of the Credit Union Movement. Unlike many of the Foundation’s professional development opportunities, this program is more than a scholarship—it’s a complete five-year curriculum built to develop leaders specifically for the credit union industry.

If you are selected for the Foundation Executive Leadership Program, you will be funded for immersive instruction in organizational leadership, credit union philosophy, and credit union operations with additional mentoring and coaching from the current credit union industry’s top leaders.


  • A five-year program to develop your skills and help you become a better leader and asset to your credit union.
  • Practical, in-depth instruction, workshops, mentorship, and coaching to help you hone your skills.
  • A scholarship worth over $20,000 of full funding.

The Program

The Foundation Executive Leadership Program provides over $20,000 of full funding for five years of credit union leadership development. The program’s curriculum is divided into four quadrants:

Quadrant 1: Leadership Institute
The Credit Union Leadership Institute is an in-depth series of workshops that teach you how to guide employees in superior service, anticipate member needs, foster internal relationships, enhance the credit union culture, and strengthen your credit union’s presence to become a premier financial institution.

Quadrant 2: Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training
The Credit Union Development Education (DE) program promotes credit unions’ social responsibility and development through interactive adult education and professional networking. During the week-long program, you will be involved in group exercises, field trips, and issue discussions with speakers from around the credit union system.

Quadrant 3: Western CUNA Management School
This highly concentrated academic training occurs over three yearly two-week terms. The curriculum covers Strategic Planning, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Lending, Human Resources, Technology, Business Development, Economics, Business Law, Communications, Leadership, and much more.

Quadrant 4: Mentoring and Coaching
You will be assigned a professional coach and a mentor to help you move your career forward. Once your classroom training is complete, you will be paired with a current credit union leader to serve as a mentor and help apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

Ready to Start?

Applying to the Foundation Executive Leadership Program is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. You’ll find the application here.
  2. Get a letter of recommendation from your credit union’s chief executive officer.
  3. Submit your application and letter of recommendation by the deadline of January 29, 2021

Finalists for the Foundation Executive Leadership Program will be invited to participate in a final assessment and interview process.

Meet the Executive Leadership Scholars


Dave Goldman
Atlantic City FCU

Dave serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Atlantic City Federal Credit Union and has 3.5 years of credit union experience. He holds a BS in Accounting and is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant. Dave has honed his leadership skills through participating in the Association’s Leadership Institute, and the Executive Ready program. He is also a participant in the Foundation’s Mentorship Program. As the project manager of the credit union’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan process, Atlantic City Credit Union was the first to offer PPP loans to their members. Dave also acted as an advisor to other credit unions as they rolled out their PPP initiatives.

Tyler Richards
On Tap CU

Tyler works as the Operations Manager at On Tap Credit Union where he oversees collections, cards services, and indirect lending. He also serves on the Denver Area Chapter Board and has received the Outstanding Young Professional designation. Tyler serves on his credit union’s Asset & Liability, information security and technology, and project portfolio committees and acts as a member of the leadership team. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and business. Tyler is known for his perseverance and resiliency.

Marianne Scarzello
Tucson Old Pueblo CU

Marianne currently serves as TOPCU’s HR Manager and supervises an HR Assistant and Trainer. She has worked in the hospitality industry as a General Manager overseeing 9 employees. Marianne holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She is active in her local chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers. In addition to serving as a community volunteer, Marianne, has strong policy development experience and has acted as a mentor for some of the staff at the credit union. She takes time out of her schedule to learn more about the credit union’s financials and has a strong appetite for learning.

2020 Scholars

Kalee Emerson
Campco Federal Credit Union
Gillette, Wyoming

Kalee has been with CAMPCO for four years and serves as the Contact Center Supervisor. She is a student at Colorado State University and will graduate this year, and a recipient of the Larry Mountain Excellence Award for her dedication and passion for the credit union movement. Kalee serves on the young Talent Development Committee of the NEXT Gen movement within the Campbell County area.

Sheila Gonzales
Electrical Federal Credit Union
Arvada, Colorado

Sheila has been with Electrical Federal for the past 18 years and has wsorked almost all the positions in the credit union including Loan Officer, Member Services Representative, Teller, Accountant, and Marketing Representative. She is a certified Credit Union Financial Counselor and won the NAFCU 2013 Marketing Award for Best Membership Promotion. She volunteers in her community with the Conifer Newcomers & Neighbors.

Layna Officer
Blue Federal Credit Union
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Layna has been with Blue FCU for five years where she leads a team as a Member Experience Managers. She holds a Master’s of Science degree from the Southern Utah University, and a recipient of the Association' Gary Plank Scholarship. Layna is a member of the Project 2025 CU4Kids Committee a think tank tasked to help discover and create new fundraising and philanthropy ideas for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

2019 Scholars

Brian Lee
Landings Credit Union
Tempe, AZ

Brian Lee has been in the Credit Union Industry for nearly 5 years and currently serves as the CEO for Landings Credit Union in Tempe, Arizona. In this role Brian oversees the Credit Union’s general operation, ALCO and preparing and presenting financial reports to the Board of Directors, Brian is responsible for the development and execution of strategic plans to move the Credit Union into an increasingly competitive financial services market.

Kayla Wolosin
Reliant Federal Credit Union
Casper, WY

As the Lending Manager, Kayla leads both the direct and indirect lending efforts of Reliant FCU and helped the Credit Union achieve 6% loan growth in 2018. Kayla also oversees five loan officers and works with Member Service Representatives in branches without underwriters on staff.

Mallory Fischbach
Foothills Credit Union
Lakewood, CO

Mallory began her Credit Union career as summer project help for Foothills Credit Union while working on her under-graduate degree in Accounting. After graduation, she came on board as a full-time employee of Foothills, starting as the Credit Union’s Compliance Officer, and assuming the role of CFO in 2015.

2018 Scholars

Meagan Barrett
Northern Colorado Credit Union
Greeley Colorado

Meagan Barrett is the VP of Operations at Northern Colorado Credit Union where she supervises a team of 9 employees. With a B.S. in Community Health Education, Meagan has worked in her field for the past 13 years. Meagan graduated from the Association's Leadership Institute in 2017, has received awards in Community Leadership, and has helped her Credit Union achieve awards as the Best Credit Union in Greeley and Credit Union of the Year.

Scott Sager
Trona Valley Community Federal Credit Union
Green River, WY

Scott Sager is the COO for Trona Valley Community Federal Credit Union, leading a team of 9 executives. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, Scott is a Certified Public Accountant who has worked in his field for the past 7 years. He holds a Top 20 Under 40 award from the Association, and is a CUDE and Gary Plank scholar.

Adam Stewart
Pima Federal Credit Union
Tucson, AZ

Adam Stewart is the Director of Home Loan Originations at Pima Federal Credit Union where he leads a team of 4 Home Loan Originators. Adam has worked in the industry for the past 18 years and served in various positions including Mortgage Loan Officer, Mortgage Processor, Mortgage Closer, Customer Service Representative, and Credit Manager.

2017 Scholars

Bree Dronen
Laramie Plains Community Federal Credit Union,
Laramie, WY

Bree is a Member Service Manager whose work at Washington State University earned her a BS with honors. A Big Sister, Coach, U of W Recreation Advisory Board Member, and university teaching assistant.

Nina Myers
Fitzsimons Federal Credit Union
Aurora, CO

In her credit union Nina, has assembled work teams, planned budgets, grew loans, built cultures, and centralized loan underwriting. She volunteers as an AmeriCorps leadership team, Denver Botanic Gardens, Xcel Energy Park Clean up and more.

2016 Scholars

Peter Bullard
Credit Union of the Rockies
Golden, CO

As the Vice President of Member Experience, Peter manages the Lending and Collections, Operations, IT/Systems and Marketing departments of Credit Union of the Rockies. His volunteer work includes teaching young students about personal finance, and as a Summit County Outreach volunteer he teaches core values of courage, discipline, and wisdom. Peter is a Purdue University Graduate.

Leah Friedenberg
Pima Federal Credit Union
Tucson, AZ

Leah’s 16 years in credit unions has prepared her for her leadership journey. She has worked as a teller, a security officer, and the Director of Payment Services. Leah serves in a leadership role engaged in community volunteer work including financial literacy and many other fundraising initiatives.

2015 Scholars

Matt Ballou
WyHy Federal Credit Union
Cheyenne, WY

Matt has worked in credit unions for the past 4 years as a supervisor. He is a licensed property and casualty insurance professional and volunteers for the Kiwains as its board President.

Gena Carroll
Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union
Cheyenne, WY

A CUNA Management School graduate and certified as a CUNA Branch Operations Professional, Gena has worked in many areas of credit union operations including IRAs, ACH, and collateral protection insurance. Gena has also worked as a branch manager and as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, the local Chamber and much more.

Victoria Gomez
Landings Credit Union
Tempe, AZ

Victoria supervised a call center and now works in indirect lending. She has worked in many areas of the credit union including member services, lending, and as a teller.

Brian Kayton
Ent Credit Union
Colorado Springs, CO

Brian has served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Credit Unions and is now its President. His work with LoDo District Community Development Committee and Habitat for Humanity is just the start of his volunteer work. Brian is an Area Manager for Ent Credit Union where he leads 6 branches.

Adele Smith
Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union
Cheyenne, WY

Adele chaired the Colorado Leadership Development Committee of the Denver Area Chapter and now serves on the board. Adele Received the Emerging Leader of the Year from the Foundation. She has served Premier Members as a loan officer, a branch manager, and Assistant Vice President. Her volunteer work in JA, Food Bank of the Rockies, and Cares Colorado Shares underscores her commitment to the community.

2014 Scholars

Choua Ly
Partner Colorado Credit Union
Arvada, CO

Choua received the credit union’s top performer award and worked within the Humoug American community as a volunteer, and is an indirect lending professional at Partner Colorado Credit Union.

Lisett Olsen
SunWest Federal Credit Union
Phoenix, AZ

Lisett was named employee of the month and employee of the quarter at Alhambra Credit Union and now works at SunWest Federal Credit Union. She volunteers at Alhambra School District and is a member of the AYIN Steering Committee. Lisett is responsible for the teller line at the credit union and has 14 years of front line experience

2013 Scholars

Maggie Camacho
Metrum Credit Union
Denver, CO

Maggie served on the Denver Area Chapter Board as its President. She has worked in operations, IT and senior management.

Jeremy Gibson
Trona Valley Federal Credit Union
Green River, WY

Currently the CEO, Jeremy started the ELP as a Western CUNA Management graduate and a Foundation Emerging Leader winner. He started his work in credit unions as an information and technology professional and worked in many back-office capacities.

Adrianne Rexius
Landings Credit Union
Tempe, AZ

Adrianne has served as an Arizona Saves Board member, and is a dedicated advocate for CU4Kids. She started her work in credit unions as an administrative assistant and is now the Chief Human Resource Officer.