Mountain West Young Credit Union Professionals


Young Credit Union Professionals and the Foundation

The Mountain West Credit Union Foundation and its Center for Credit Union Leadership is committed to the development and retention of young credit union professionals (YPs) throughout our region. This commitment extends to a new and exciting funding category intended to help YPs achieve their professional goals and participate in activities of the MWYCUP.

These newly designated scholarship funds are intended to help underwrite legislative learning opportunities, professional development events like the MWCUA’s Annual Meeting and Convention, and community outreach.

The Four Pillars of the MWYCUP

Government Relations

Empowering the youth voice in our movement toward the legislative agenda. Hike the Hills, grassroots meetings and communications by Young Professionals helps demonstrate to elected officials the youth and energy that is on our side of the issues.

Credit Union Principles and Philosophies

Learning about the founding principles and philosophies of credit unions and how to put them into action is essential to the longevity of our movement. YPs that seek to understand these important key concepts will do much to promote our movement, their communities and society.

Professional Development

As a part of this important group, Young Professionals will engage in leadership, followership, and other learning experiences. This will help them become experts in their role at the credit union and further their careers while engaging with other YPs and industry leaders.

Visibility and Awareness

YPs will increase the visibility and awareness of credit unions in their spheres of influence and therefore their communities by igniting passion, and educating about the issues. Empowering the YP voice to speak for our movement, in their own communities, is at the heart of the goals of the YP standing committee.

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