Step-Up COVID-19 Fund

Building Community through compassion

The board of directors of the Foundation made available, on behalf of credit unions in our three states $250,000 from the general founds to assist COVID-19 affected communities in all three of the states.  These funds will be used to focus on community relief concentrated in three areas, food insecurity, community stabilization, and mental health services.  While the grants are still being prepared and funds are about to be released, The Foundation will be delivering these grants to:

  • Mary’s Food bank serving central Arizona with a grant of $25,000
  • Community Food bank of Southern Arizona with a grant of $25,000
  • Valley of the Sun United Way with a grant of $25,000
  • United Way of Tucson and Southern AZ with a grant of $25,000
  • Food bank of the Rockies servicing Colorado with a grant of $50,000
  • Colorado Crisis center and their partner Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners providing mental health services and resources to Colorado Citizens with a grant of $50,000
  • Wyoming Hunger Initiative developed by First Lady of Wyoming Gordon with a donation of $15,000
  • Matching grants for Wyoming Communities of up to $2,500 each with a total amount available of $35,000


Wyoming Matching Grants


The Wyoming committee of the Foundation board has designated $35,000 in matching funds designed to leverage the charitable work of Wyoming’s credit unions by matching up to $2,500 per grant request.  These grants will be awarded to Wyoming credit unions and are designed to help credit unions help their communities.  In order to receive a matching grant, projects must provide community-based assistance for COVID-19 victims and their supporters.   These grants will only be awarded to credit unions that are giving to 501 (c )(3) for but not limited to, food security, shelter, childcare, first responders, medical supplies, and more.

Grant applications are being accepted immediately and will remain open for 30 days (May 18th).  At the end of that time, all remaining and unused funds will be granted in total to the Wyoming Hunger Initiative—a food security initiative of Wyoming’s First Lady Gordon and the Governor’s Residence Foundation.



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