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Miracle Challenge


The Miracle Challenge
September 1 through September 27, 2015

miraclechallenge_logo_no tagline_transparentThe Miracle Challenge is a 27-day wellness challenge that encourages you to achieve fitness goals, while fundraising for kids in your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Over the course of 27 days you will accomplish 27 different mini-challenges all connected to your fitness passion. Along the way, you are encouraged to raise at least $10 per day on behalf of kids in your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Why Are Credit Unions Involved?

Credit Unions have a long history of working with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through our movement’s national charity of choice – Credit Unions for Kids. When the Association learned that Children’s Hospital Colorado, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Tucson Medical Center were all participating in the Miracle Challenge, acting as the key sponsor again this year, just felt right. Credit Unions get the opportunity to demonstrate service to their members and put our philosophy of People Helping People into action, all the while connecting with a well known and well respected cause. It’s an opportunity to share the Credit Union story to a wider audience while we do great work for the children in our communities.

How Can Credit Unions Participate?

The Miracle Challenge has been sponsored on behalf of Credit Unions through a donation from the Mountain West Credit Union Foundation. All you need to do is join in!

Pick a Team Captain to Represent your Credit Union
Your participation all starts with a Team Captain who is at the center of your Miracle Challenge team. This person will be charged with spreading the word about the Miracle Challenge and recruiting staff to participate. Once you have a Team Captain selected, contact Dan Finerty, Director of Marketing at the Association (dfinerty@gowest.org) and he will help your captain get registered, set up a team, and personalize your Miracle Challenge Team Page with your credit union logo. Dan also has a number of free registrations available for Credit Union staff.

Tell Your Members (and your Community)
The easiest way to get involved (and where help is needed the most) is by spreading the word. Let your members know about the Miracle Challenge and the great cause it serves. You can tell them in your lobby, on your website, and on their statements – whatever works best for you and your members. While you’re at it, be sure to let them know what makes this cause important to you and why your Credit Union is involved.

Encourage Your Members to Participate
Spreading the word is great but asking members to participate on MiracleChallenge.org is even better. You’ve already set a great example by getting your staff involved and starting your own Credit Union team, now you can ask your members to join under your team or donate to one of your team members. This is also a great time to let your members know why you are a part of this cause.

Get Creative
Find fun and unique ways to participate that make sense for your Credit Union. The format is very open and opportunities are truly endless. The Miracle Challenge is a nation-wide event that comes together through social media. While most of the action will occur on MiracleChallenge.org, there are plenty of built-in tools to link your activity on the Challenge website to your own social media outlets. You could organize special event days for your community or let your community know that you have set up a studio class in your lobby or parking lot stocked with energy bars and water for Miracle Challengers – it’s all up to you.

Wait a minute, what happened to the Miracle Marathon?

Credit Unions across Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming helped test the Miracle Marathon pilot program. In it’s third year, Children’s Miracle Network has expanded this event to a broader rage of fitness activities, not just running and walking. It’s pretty much the same program, just with more options.

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