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Why It Works

It’s hard to put into words how much I have learned &
taken away from the Association Leadership Institute. Skills & tactics that will help
me for many years to come, both professionally and personally. Each workshop taught me
something about myself and helped to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Additionally (and potentially most importantly), I had a blast in the process
and made countless connections. I look forward to developing these
relationships further as we advance in our careers over the upcoming years.
This has truly been one of the best learning opportunities I have taken part in, and I will cherish the experience throughout my
career. Thank you to the Association for providing this opportunity!”

Tyler Richards, OnTap CU


It is our vision to develop the skills of our credit union leaders by providing tools that guide employees in superior service. We believe credit union leaders should anticipate the needs of our members, foster internal relationships, enhance the credit union culture, and strengthen our presence in our communities.

Purpose and Aims

The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to develop leadership values, skills, and actions for supervisors, managers, and other high-impact team members. The program is based on the BE-KNOW-DO model of leadership:

  • BE. Understand and exemplify values-based leadership. Teach and facilitate learning regarding the importance of values to guide individual and team decision-making and problem-solving. Guide the participates towards developing their personal leadership brand.
  • KNOW. Know your people skills. Teach and facilitate learning regarding the essential skills of leaders including communications, team leadership, supervision, problem-solving, change management, performance management. Help build the participant’s leadership toolbox based on the participant’s leadership brand.
  • DO. Practice good leadership by living your values and growing other leaders. Teach and facilitate learning regarding key leadership actions including communicating, planning, coaching, mentoring, managing conflict, developing, leading change, and evaluating teams. Demonstrate how to apply the right leadership tools for the appropriate leadership situation and stay true to the participant’s leadership brand.


The benefits of developing leaders directly relates to higher employee commitment, reduced turnover, higher morale, and increased productivity and profitability for credit unions. Improved accountability, stronger work ethic, better employee relations, greater retention, and better conflict management are all a direct result of participating in the Association Leadership Institute.

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