Staff Directory

Mountain West Credit Union Association

Scott Earl


Dr. Dan Santangelo

SVP Association Services Executive Director

Shaun Ongstad

SVP Credit Union Engagement

Mark Robey

SVP Regulatory Affairs

Tim Dore

SVP Government Affairs

Mike Atchison

SVP Strategic Solutions

Nicole Brusewitz

SVP Strategic Development & Learning

Jaquetta Ward

Director of Corporate Affairs

Crystal Maldonado

Administrative Specialist

Diana Adell

Vice President of Education & Events

Jodi Weiser

Manager of Education and Training

Sara Shubra

Executive Administrator

Chris Kemm

VP Political Affairs

Dan Diorio

Director of Political Finance and Policy

Austin DeBey

VP Legislative Affairs

Patti Hazlett

Director of Public Affairs

Tara Roether

Marketing Manager

Fabian Reyes

Social Media Manager

Julie Kappenman

VP of Compliance Operations

Caroline Barragan

Foundation Manager of Development and Administration

Laura McFadden

Director of Association Compliance Services

Lisa Slaymaker

Strategic Solutions Consultant

Rich Mohr

Credit Union Operations Consultant

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