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Through our Association Service Corporation, The Association is your partner in bringing innovative solutions that address your credit union’s pain points.

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Why multicultural business strategy is essential to all credit unions
While multicultural business strategy is gaining traction in our industry, there are still some who believe that for their community or their credit union, it doesn’t apply. But that thinking doesn’t match reality. Take a look at the evidence and learn how to get started here. ~posted 6-17-22

Origence Announces Dynamic Speaker Line-Up for Lending Tech Live ’22 Conference
Building on three decades of success as the DRIVE Conference, Lending Tech Live ’22 offers credit union professionals a deep dive into all things lending. The conference will address key industry topics including trends in innovative financial services and emerging technologies, lending strategies and best practices, member engagement, and state of the automotive market. Read the full list of speakers here or click to register. ~posted 6-10-22

Fintech Forum – Accelerating Loan Growth Through Fintech Partnerships
Join this session from CMFG Ventures to hear how credit unions collaborating with lending fintechs can move more rapidly and more effectively than you could on your own to streamline processes, enhance the customer experience and accelerate growth. Register today for June 28th, 11am AZ/12pm CO/WY  ~posted 6-10-22

First mortgage portfolio niche lending: Current trends and opportunities
Mortgage rates have already increased dramatically from the historic lows of the past few years and if they continue to rise, loans will become more expensive for members – which will put pressure on credit unions’ growth. Go deeper into how you can use first mortgage portfolio products to better serve current members, attract more new members, and manage your overall capital and long-term interest rate risk. ~posted 6-3-22

2022 Trendwatch: Top 5 Financial Services Marketing Trends
Vericast asked 444 financial services professionals from credit unions and banks and nearly 7,000 consumers about their goals, priorities, expectations and experiences, from online and mobile banking to privacy to check ordering. Vericast experts discovered critical gaps in five key banking trends that are transforming the industry. Download the report here. ~posted 5-27-22

Offer Your Members Business Services
Newtek Business Services offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. From payroll services and merchant processing to data storage and website design/hosting, Newtek’s services create operational efficiencies for business members. There is no cost to your credit union, and you’ll receive non-interest income via revenue share from Newtek. Contact us to learn more. ~posted 5-27-22

The where, when, and how of sunsetting and investing into your ATM/ITM fleet
Two major factors are looming in the revolving door of major ATM fleet capital expenditures: 1) Discontinued support or “sunsetting” of two of the largest U.S. ATM manufacturers’ most popular products, and 2) Growing consumer demand for self-service and enhanced functionality. For most credit unions, the inevitable sunsetting of their ATMs means the clock is ticking for these costly upgrades or replacements. However, with rapid ATM technology growth and shifting consumer expectations, investments should be aligned with your short and long-term ATM/ITM strategy. Read more here or contact us to set up a consultation. ~posted 5-20-22

CUDL integrates with DriveCentric
CUDL, the nation’s largest credit union financing network and a key partner of the Association, is now integrated with DriveCentric, an automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provider. The integration creates a frictionless workflow within DriveCentric’s CRM, which allows dealerships to more easily send deals to credit unions and ultimately improves the experience for their customers. Read the full press release here. ~posted 5-13-22

Time to pre-register for Discovery2022
Get ready for bingeworthy sessions to help with strategic planning and brand-new opportunities for networking with credit union colleagues. The entirely new virtual conferencing platform adds networking as well as greater interactivity and richer learning experiences for everyone. Enjoy sought-after topics such as:

  • Emerging Financial Industry Trends
  • Technologies of Today and Tomorrow
  • Attracting & Retaining Talent/Employee Engagement
  • Unraveling Cryptocurrency/Blockchain
  • Deep Dives into Member Experience/Consumer Trends
  • Leading in the New Future

Pre-register here for Thursday, August 11th – brought to you by system partner CUNA Mutual Group. ~posted 5-6-22

Prepaid Card Usage in 2022: What Credit Unions Need to Know
How did the prepaid card market balloon to over $600B in 2021? Join Envisant to learn how the latest trends are giving prepaid cards new life and growth, making them more essential to deepening member relationships. Tuesday, May 17th at 11am AZ/12pm CO/WY ~posted 5-6-22

On demand: Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges Post-Pandemic
The cyber threat landscape continues to develop rapidly, and ongoing vigilance is needed. In this on-demand webinar, a panel of cyber threat experts from SilverSky partner with CUNA’s Valerie Moss to discuss the top cybersecurity trends and challenges modern credit unions face. Topics include:
– The increasing sophistication of cybercriminals
– Preparing to expect the unexpected
– Adopting detection techniques rather than focusing solely on prevention
– Third-party vendor due diligence and compliance challenges
~posted 4-15-22

Aligning Physical Security with Process Efficiency
In this CUNA News podcast, 3SI’s Kevin Mullins discusses the ways credit unions can improve branch operations and security by aligning physical security with process efficiency. Listen here ~posted 4-6-22

The CECL Standard and Loan Profitability
Understanding the technical guidance for the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard has taken years, but credit unions should also understand the practical considerations of CECL, how it will impact loan profitability, and the ways to benchmark performance. Read more here. ~posted 4-6-22

FIS Premium Payback™ revolutionizes rewards
Given the choice, research shows that more cardholders engage programs that offer rewards tailored to their interests – a 47% higher engagement rate according to the 2020 Bond Loyalty Report. Premium Payback™ disrupts the traditional loyalty landscape, creating a new type of currency. Cardholders can redeem points for real-time discounts through the redemption network. Realtime redemption delivers surprise and satisfaction for the consumer, instilling a greater value than that of traditional redemptions. Learn more here. ~posted 4-1-22

Considering ITMs as part of your digital strategy
In the transition to digital banking, ITMs can be a key part of the mid to long range roadmap and branch strategy for many credit unions. Finding a truly consultative company is key and Dolphin Debit is our chosen partner for this key element of credit union strategy. Read more here. ~posted 3-25-22

FAQ on better security for your branch
The post-COVID branch transformation is on, and members want to see the modernized branch at their credit union. However, before reaching out to spend on new technology, it’s important to consider improving security to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and bolster security efforts in the long term. Read this FAQ sheet from 3SI to see how security tech can elevate safety and increase efficiency in your branches.~posted 3-18-22

Free Emerging Risks Outlook Resource
CUNA Mutual Group recently launched a new resource accessible to all credit unions. The seven emerging risk topics initially highlighted are: Overdraft/NSF Fee Litigation; Ransomware; Defective Post-Repossession Notices; ATM Smash & Grabs; Zelle/P2P Fraud; Slips, Trips & Falls; and Wire Fraud / Business Email Compromise. The Emerging Risks Outlook provides:

  • Short risk descriptions
  • Key questions to consider
  • Relevant, straightforward responses
  • Links to Related Resources (e.g., RISK Alerts, Risk Overviews, On-Demand Webinars) – User ID and Password required.

~posted 3-11-22

Growing your Financial Advisor team during the Great Resignation
According to CNBC, 40% of Financial Advisors are planning to retire in the next 10 years, so the Great Resignation is hitting the industry particularly hard. Read here for tips from CUNA Mutual Brokerage Services on alleviating some of the pressure for credit unions by keeping the talent funnel full. ~posted 2-25-22

Digitizing Humanizing customer service for the post-Covid consumer
In Vericast’s 2021 TrendWatch, over 57% of credit unions and banks reported accelerating their digital transformations post-Covid. However, 65% of consumers still expect companies to provide a telephone channel, making the contact center a vital part of your digital strategy. Read the full article here. ~posted 2-18-22

Newtek: A Case Study in Serving Small Businesses
In search of a way to expand small business offerings without compromising the service levels members are used to? Download this case study to see how Newtek was able to help one credit union achieve both.~posted 2-18-22

Protect your credit union from becoming a ransomware headline
In this recorded webinar, SilverSky answers your questions on ransomware and how best to protect your credit union. View the recording here. ~posted 2-11-22

Predicting 2022 NCUA Supervisory Priorities
Based on past priorities, evolving NCUA guidance, and the current economic environment, here is what 2020 Analytics thinks will be most important to examiners in 2022. Read the article here. ~posted 2-11-22

Expert Panel: 2022 Retail Banking Technology Trends
Join credit union executives for this live discussion on topics such as core integration, tablet banking, self-service solutions, digital signage and more. Thu, Feb 24, 2022 9:00 AM ~posted 2-4-22

Origence credit union lender’s roundtable – Arizona
You’re invited to this in-person networking and education event on Wednesday, February 23rd from 10am-4pm in Tempe, AZ. Focused on indirect lending, the day will feature industry experts sharing valuable insight on the US and AZ markets, compliance, best practices, and more. Register here. ~posted 1-28-22

Lessons in strategy from top-performing credit unions
According to research cited in CUNA Mutual Group’s newest study, “Making Strategic Choices for Growth,” the CU value proposition is under attack as evidenced by:

• Three in five CUs with total assets of less than $1 billion lost members between 2017 and 2020.
• Credit Union’s share of total Primary Financial Institution relationships declined from 21% in 2018 to 12% in 2020.
• Credit Union’s market share for certain loan classes has declined in recent years.

Read more about how top-performing credit unions are successfully beating these threats here.
~posted 1-21-22

Introducing Amazon Business – Smarter Purchasing for Credit Unions
Create a free Amazon Business account or link your existing account to receive special benefits, including discounts on Business Prime membership plans. Select from millions of supplies across multiple sellers in one place. Take advantage of discounts available exclusively to business customers, flexible payment options and the streamlined ordering system Amazon is known for. Contact us for your unique link and verification code and start saving today. ~posted 1-14-21

Hidden costs of DIY backup power planning
While DIY solutions may seem like the least complicated path to power restoration, there are many hidden costs to be accounted for. Before you spend any time or money making power backup plans, be sure to attend this webinar and learn what you need to recover power faster, easier, and without surprise expenses. Thursday, January 20th at 1pm  ~posted 1-7-21

Early registration now open for Lending Tech Live!
From our partners at Origence, the Lending Tech Live conference is back and in person July 25-27, 2022 in Aurora, CO. Bringing you the insight, inspiration and vision you need to lead the lending marketplace. Sessions will cover the newest financial technologies, the best lending practices, and the latest industry trends. Register now for a $300 early bird discount! ~posted 12-17-21

Save the Date – Discovery2022 is scheduled for Thursday, August 11, 2022!
Click here to be notified when registration opens. In the meantime, you can still take advantage of Discovery2021 on demand – credit unions can benefit by gaining insights to help with strategic planning. Visit the On-Demand hub and watch any of the twelve sessions from this year’s conference. ~posted 12-10-21

Discovery Webinar Series: Under pressure, overwhelmed, and ready to get what you really want
Join Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, as well as a mom of four, business consultant, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, for an action packed hour full of prescriptive advice and useful tools to help you and your team triumph in this high risk, time-crunched world. Wednesday, December 8th at 12pm. ~posted 12-3-21

Ongoing global chip shortages are disrupting payments
Industry experts say that 2022 should be considered the critical chip shortage impact year. We’ve seen how chip shortages have severely impacted the automobile and electronics industries, but industry experts are starting to predict a significant impact for payments as well. Read more here and find out what credit unions should do to mitigate this risk. ~posted 11-19-21

Elevate your indirect lending webcast series
There’s still time to register for any or all of the last three in the Origence webcast series. Topics include: State of the Auto Industry, Outsourced Loan Processing and Economic and Lending Trends. Click here to register.~posted 11-12-21

Uncover 68% more loans from your account holders
Margins are compressed, deposits are cheap, and credit unions need to boost their non-interest income and loan portfolios to maintain profits. Find out how you can take the flood of deposits you’re already facing and unlock their full potential for NII and loan growth. Register here for an informative webinar on Wednesday, November 17th at 10am – from our partners at Kasasa. ~posted 11-5-21

How to break down barriers to buying life insurance
A recent study shows American consumers seem to understand the value of life insurance:
• 70% of Americans say they need life insurance
• 31% say they’re more likely to buy life insurance because of COVID-19
But their purchasing behavior doesn’t align with these numbers. Take a deeper dive into the study and read about two ways to help break down members’ barriers to buying life insurance here. ~posted 10-29-21

Achieving the best credit rewards program strategy
Credit card spending is beginning to reach pre-pandemic levels, so now is a good time to re-evaluate the strength of your own credit program. Since 42% of cardholders use their credit cards to earn rewards (Experian), an effective rewards program can be a significant motivator to make your card top-of-wallet for members. Read the full article here. ~posted 10-22-21

MemberPass helps avoid scams in branches and ITMs
Even in an increasingly digital world, scams and fraud still happen in branches and ITMs. Regardless of whether it’s a physical or an online scam, each instance can be traced to an authentication failure. Whatever proof was submitted as identity verification was almost certainly forged, faked, or stolen. Since MemberPass reliably authenticates members across all channels, it’s the simple way to assure your members that these fraud events will never happen in your credit union again. Read the full blog post here.~posted 10-15-21

Adding leverage to your strategic giving program
Directing funds to a charitable cause can help you manage excess liquidity in a way that supports community development and motivates credit union staff, leaders, and board members. A charitable giving account allows you to actively support your commitment to community, while broadening the base of investments supporting your executive benefits program. Read the full article here. ~posted 10-8-21

Tokenization as a weapon against online fraud
Online payment fraud, including digital banking, is expected to produce a $200 billion loss between 2020 and 2024. It’s no surprise that many credit unions are looking to tokenization for its strengths in protecting credit unions and members from fraud. Is it part of your digital strategy? For more insight, check out the full article from our payment processing partner, LSC. ~posted 10/1-21

Who is watching your credit union’s online reputation?
Explore the value of online reviews for your credit union’s ranking and revenue in this informative webinar. With text messaging by Eltropy, you can efficiently collect reviews, analyze results and improve member experience. Thursday, September 23, 11am AZ/12pm CO/WY
~posted 9-17-21

Getting members to use your investment services in a pandemic world
According to a 2020 Kehrer Bielan study, only 3% of credit union members are using their credit unions investment services – despite more than 50% reporting that they would like to. So how do you get your investment services in front of the right members at the right time? Read the full article here.
~posted 9-17-21

Are you proactively managing your online reputation?
Eltropy’s CEO and co-founder Ashish Garg shares the value of online reviews for your credit union’s ranking and revenue. With text messaging by Eltropy, you can efficiently collect reviews, analyze results and improve member experience. Thursday, September 23, 11am AZ/12pm CO/WY
~posted 9-10-21

Credit Union Marketers: What’s your multichannel marketing strategy?
Apple®. Amazon®. Netflix®. It’s hard to argue with their ability to make consumers feel like they’re part of a seamless, connected, multitouch brand experience that speaks more clearly to their wants and needs than anyone else. This three step, multichannel marketing strategy will help take your credit union brand to the next level of impact. Read the full article here.
~posted 9-3-21

What’s your 2 – 5 year ATM strategy?
As the acceleration of digital banking continues, ATM technology is following suit, and with increased technology comes increased cost. Many credit unions now include this new technology as part of their digital strategy and conversations about ITMs, PTMs, and VTMs are growing quickly. Read the full article here, then contact us about our solution that cuts costs, streamlines operations, frees up staff, and ensures strategies are in place for future enhancement and technology upgrades.
~posted 8-27-21

Executive Compensation: Split-dollar plan growth isn’t just for CEOs
The growth of split-dollar life insurance arrangements has outpaced that of other standard components of supplemental executive benefits packages in recent years and is especially strong among non-CEO executives. This trend is reported in the 2021 update of “Non-Qualified Executive Benefits: A Guide for Credit Union Leadership.”

In addition to an updated trends report, the guide offers a nine-step process for creating and maintaining deferred compensation plans to suit your overall executive compensation and succession strategies. It features common scenarios of how credit unions deploy deferred compensation plans, which is gleaned from thousands of these programs managed by CUNA Mutual Group over the years. Read more here and download your complimentary guide.
~posted 8-20-21

The Economy: Slowing but Growing
Join Origence for a discussion about what the current economic landscape means for credit unions and lending. Eliot Eisenberg will talk about GDP growth, labor shortages, the housing boom, and more.
Thursday, September 2nd – 11am AZ, 12pm CO/WY
~posted 8-13-21

Dolphin ATM management adds Wave2 locator
Our innovative ATM partner has added the next generation of ATM Locator technology with the Wave2 Locator. Rather than send users away from a trusted environment to third-party websites, this tool helps credit unions simplify and enhance their location search and mapping functionality to promote all their own branches and ATMs, retail locations, shared services, and multiple surcharge-free ATM networks, all in one cohesive user experience. The display shows live hours, features, restrictions, photos, street views, scheduling integration, and even Covid alerts – all within the credit union’s own web and mobile platforms. To learn more about Wave2 and ATM management that reduces capital and operational expenses, please contact us.
~posted 8-6-21

Member experience. Are you delivering on your brand promise?
26% of consumers ages 18 to 29 use online word-of-mouth and another 45% use face-to-face discussions to choose financial products. [S. Radoff Associates] The expectation is that every member interaction will be consistently flawless, surprisingly easy, and extraordinarily engaging. But what you do when things don’t go right, and how fast you do it, could mean the difference between losing an account and gaining a lifelong promotor.

That’s where Member XP comes in, with the single, laser focused purpose of helping credit unions deliver on their brand promise. Transform your credit union’s member experience by turning insight into ROI. Use built-in coaching tools to reward team members who exemplify brand standards and create action plans for underperformers.  Build one-click strategic process improvement planning tools for any experience and any delivery channel. Use built-in follow-up emails to inform members of your progress and let them know their voice has been heard. To learn about the MemberXP solution or to schedule a demo of how it works, contact us today.
~posted 7-30-21

Is your credit union ready for a channel-less future?
This past year is widely seen as the time when everyone’s lives got at least a little more digital. The importance of undergoing a “digital transformation” has been recognized for years, even by credit unions that weren’t quite ready to tackle it. But closed doors and shelter-at-home mandates radically accelerated adoption and meant those who hadn’t gone digital yet had no choice but to dive in. Ready to deliver a robust, channel-less experience? Read more here.
~posted 7-23-21

Avoid paying a ransom for your data
Ransomware has been one of the largest threats to information security for over a decade, and it’s only getting worse. These attacks continue to be successful, and companies are paying large amounts of money to get their data back. Now TraceSecurity has developed a Ransomware Preparedness Assessment to determine how your credit union would hold up against one of these attacks. Learn more about the Prevention, Detection, Response and Recovery methodology necessary for managing the threat. August 13th at 12pm AZ/1pm CO/WY
~posted 7-16-21

Text Messaging turns into loan revenue and boosts collections
Missing loan documents slow down the loan process, delay closings and can cause members to abandon applications. Text messaging easily solves these problems by integrating quickly and seamlessly into your loan process. Further, data shows texting is 40X more effective than phone calls in engaging members for collection purposes. Now with special pricing for smaller credit unions and no core integration required, all credit unions can offer text messaging to their members. Contact Lisa for more information.
~posted 7-9-21

Which marketing strategies still drive loan growth?
You can grow loans with the right marketing strategy. Discover how in Kasasa’s webinar, “Marketing strategies to drive loan volume,” on July 22 at 9:00am AZ/10am CO/WY.
~posted 7-9-21

Discovery 2021: Your answer to strategic planning
From accelerating innovation to making strategic choices for growth to marketing success in a post-Covid world, this free conference on August 12th promises to give you tools and information to lead your credit union into the future and enhance your members’ experience along the way. Register here.
~posted 7-2-21

Instantly issued cards outperform mailed cards by 53%
Instant issuance is critical to today’s branch experience because it delivers an effective way to engage members, meet member needs and stay top-of-wallet.
Read “Why Instant Issuance is Critical for the New Branch Experience” to discover:
• How to support in-branch interactions through instant issuance
• Why instant issuance delivers a superior member experience
• How to increase card transactions, activation and usage
~posted 6-25-21

Origence lending industry insights
Featuring speakers from Experian and Deloitte, download this on demand webcast to hear experts discuss important topics for credit union lenders, such as:
The State of the Automotive Finance Market – Melinda Zabritski, Experian’s senior director of automotive financial solutions, will explore several key trends in the credit union automotive finance market
Sales Tax Recovery on Bad Debt Opportunity – Experts at Deloitte will discuss opportunities for credit unions to generate above the line cash savings by recovering sales tax associated with bad debt write-offs. ~posted 6-18-21

Know whether excise tax final regs will affect your credit union
The IRS’s final regulations for the 21% excise tax levied against credit unions based on the income of certain highly compensated employees have been in place since January 2021. The IRS actually began to levy this tax in 2018, after it was included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Even if your credit union hasn’t been affected by the tax so far, it’s a good idea to know how it works, including some key changes and clarifications contained in the final regulations. Click here for a deeper dive into the key modifications within these final regulations for IRS Section 4960.
~posted 6-11-21

Full service video banking: what is it, and does it work?
As financial institutions reopen their branches post-pandemic, new research confirms that 43% of consumers plan to continue doing all their banking digitally. It’s more important than ever for credit unions to meet consumer needs for digital services. Find out why POPi/o’s full-service video banking solution is the most efficient and comprehensive way to service relationships in the digital landscape and:

  • How to deliver the full-service capacity of your branch over video
  • The ways video banking could strengthen your service with your current staff
  • How video banking is benefiting financial institutions today

June 17, 2021 9am AZ, 10am CO/WY 

~posted 5/28/21

Skyrocketing personal loans present a tremendous opportunity
65% of Americans use personal loans to consolidate debt. Accelerated by the pandemic economy, growth in personal loans presents a tremendous opportunity to help members when they most need it. Read “Trends and Opportunities in Personal Loans” to understand the current state of personal loans and how credit unions can seize this unprecedented opportunity to meet member borrowing needs. Download the whitepaper here.
~posted 5/21/21

Have you looked at The Button™ Solution?
The Button™ is a consumer-initiated instant prequalification solution with a soft pull on credit and an instant decision with loan terms for members and non-members. How it’s different:

  • Pre-populates member data and only one screen is required (not 9 input screens like others)
  • No Social Security Number required
  • Real time instant decision using CU pre-screen underwriting criteria
  • Can be accessed behind email, text, traditional mail, online banking and mobile banking
  • Pay only for consumers who pre-qual themselves, not large batch files
  • Proven 25% increase in online app volume, 75% click to acceptance on credit cards, 65% acceptance rate on personal loans, and 50% less costly than traditional batch pre-screen campaigns

Please contact Lisa for more information or to schedule a demo. ~posted 5-14-21

P2P payments are rising and so is fraud
Cashless, online transactions are increasing. That is no surprise. We all saw it coming, and with a global pandemic introducing a new reason to go cashless, digital money transfers are now more popular than ever. Also forecasted – and unfortunately, moving just as quickly as consumers’ acceptance – is fraud in this space. With P2P fraud likely here to stay, it’s a topic that all credit unions are concerned about. Read the full article by FIS on where and how the fraud is most likely to occur here.
~posted 5/7/21

Pandemic shines a light on need to help members with investments
We’ve known for some time that credit union members would prefer accessing financial services at a credit union – more than half of members state that. However, according to research, only 3% of members utilize their credit unions for investment services. With many members struggling financially and facing uncertain futures, this is a time when future planning on retirement goals might be put off. However, now more than ever is when credit unions should be the trusted, go-to source to help members through this crisis. Read more about best practices for providing investment services as a core product here.
~posted 4-16-21

Digital IDs are on the rise, but are they all the same?
Digital identity proof is the solution to member authentication, but they are not all created alike. Dig deeper into the types of Digital IDs and why a self-sovereign or decentralized solution like MemberPass™ is the best and most privacy-preserving choice for members. Ready for more info? Contact us to schedule an informational webinar.
~posted 4-9-21

Are your ATMs scheduled to sunset?
Certain models of ATMs are scheduled to be removed from service by 2023. If you’re operating these older ATMs you could be at risk for:
• Extended downtime (loss of transaction revenue & lower Net Promoter scores)
• Costly part replacements
• Pressure to re-sign extended service contracts that hurt the bottom line
We can help with a turnkey program that protects you and your members from having ATM issues – contact us today!
~posted 4-1-21

The Dos & Don’ts of Technology – Financial Performance Management Webinar
During the 45-minute session, credit unions will:
– Learn why easy-to-use technology creates speed to value
– Experience what good data visualizations look like and why that’s important in making data-driven decisions
– See examples of tools that can help credit unions improve efficiency, accelerate growth and harness new technology across the organization. To accommodate busy schedules, the same webinar is being presented on three different days:

~posted 3/18/21

New Auto Loans With a Cross Sell Opportunity Too
Fully customizable based on your field of membership, you will set pricing, determine loan volume and borrower criteria, and have the ability to target specific consumer markets. iLending Direct provides you with qualified leads and gives you access to members with FICO scores from 560-850 who are actively seeking to refinance their vehicle. With no upfront or per application fees, the CU pays only for funded loans and the member has a dedicated loan specialist throughout the refi process. Upon request, iLending will even cross sell your other loan products for you. Contact Lisa for more information.
~posted 3-11-21

Lending Risks Across the Rocky Mountains in 2021 and Beyond
With credit unions in Colorado and New Mexico being hit with regulatory and legal risks around GAP refunds of unearned premiums, you’ll speak to regional Risk and Lending Experts and learn:
• How to determine your obligations regarding refunds
• The best ways to organize and track the status of your GAP Waivers
• Best practices moving forward to work with dealers to ensure continuity on indirect loans
Join CUNA Mutual Group’s panel of experts, who will discuss best practices and procedures from both a lending and risk perspective while exploring the current regulatory exposures credit unions face.
Mar 11, 2021 10:30 AM AZ/CO/WY
~posted 2-25-21

The Economy This Spring: Increasingly Sunny with Cloudy Periods
As the year winds up and the first quarter winds down, you may be wondering—what can we expect from the economy heading into Q2? Elliot Eisenberg will be joining us to discuss just that. Tune into Origence’s first installment of their Economic & Lending Trends Webcast Series to hear the latest data and insights and a detailed forecast for what to expect this Spring. Tuesday, March 9th at 12pm MST
~posted 2-25-21

Get your free video banking implementation guide for 2021
Access the guide here to learn the 5 best video banking implementation practices, plus more about:
• Video call volumes
• Channel utilization
• Mobile app deployment
• Virtual branches
• Operational Efficiencies
~posted 2-19-21

Which one of these makes senior management smile?
• Eliminating a large capital expense
• Reducing operations costs by 15-30%
• Creating operational efficiencies that enable staff to have more time to focus on the member
• All of the above
Answer “D” and achieve them all by outsourcing the most painful parts of your ATM program.  Consult with your Association to find out more.
~posted 2-12-21

FIS’ Premium Payback Partners with PayPal’s Pay with Rewards
Financial institutions of all sizes need to establish a competitive advantage that drives customer engagement and builds loyalty, without adding to rewards program costs. Innovative reward redemption options like FIS’ PremiumPayback have already proven to be an effective tool that builds and deepens cardholder relationships, differentiates the FI’s loyalty program and encourages greater spend and use. Now partnered with PayPal’s Pay with Rewards, this program gives participating financial institutions’ cardholders real-time rewards redemption options at the 22 million merchants who use PayPal and allows FIs to extend Premium Payback redemption options into e-commerce channels. Read the case study here and contact Lisa for more information.
~posted 2-5-21

Want members? Need loans? iLending has both.
With over 20,000 qualified monthly leads, get access to members actively seeking to refinance their vehicle with FICO scores from 560-850. Fully customizable based on your field of membership, you will set pricing, determine loan volume and borrower criteria, and have the ability to target specific consumer markets. Current member credit unions love this program; please contact Mike or Lisa for more information on how iLending can help you reach lending goals.
~posted 1-31-21

Study: Instant Issuance™ leaves members delighted, engaged
Read how one credit union chose Instant Issuance™ for its on-the-spot, in-branch issuance of personalized PCI-compliant EMV credit and debit cards, seamless interface with their internal processes, low maintenance and training, plug and play technology, and reduced operational expenses. Good for credit unions of all sizes, please contact us for more information. ~posted 1-24-21

Next level financial first responders
As you plan for 2021, consider whether the U.S. Treasury Department’s Community Development Financial Institution program (CDFI) certification could help take your credit union to the next level as a financial first responder. To learn more about the CDFI program and hear the experiences of two CDFI credit union CEOs, here is an article from Christopher Roe, SVP of Corporate and Legislative Affairs at CUNA Mutual Group. Or complete this short online form to register for an upcoming educational session about the benefits of and application process for CDFI certification.
~posted 1-15-21

Why is video banking thriving?
Has your credit union discovered the value of video banking? At a time when video banking continues to evolve, strong membership behavior suggests our impacted world is not only embracing video banking but demanding it. Join POPi/o January 21 at 10 am to find out why it’s thriving and what’s next.
~posted 1-12-21

Considering CDFI for 2021
As we look forward to all that 2021 holds, we wanted to put a spotlight on a program that may help you expand your services to those communities that need it most. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Community Development Financial Institution program (CDFI) is designed for qualifying financial institutions to build capacity in developing and delivering resources to underserved communities.

Inclusiv and CUNA Mutual Group have teamed up to extend awareness and utilization of the CDFI program in a series of weekly calls. If you have considered CDFI certification in the past, or just want to learn more about accessing these resources, tune into these weekly sessions to receive answers to your questions about the process. Complete this short online form to register for an upcoming session. ~posted 12-11-20

2020 – A Year in Review – What does it mean for your 2021 video banking implementation?
Branch closures, employees working from home, significant changes to business strategy, and an ever-changing business environment. What have we learned as we gear up for 2021? Topics will include: 2020 Video Banking Call Data, Virtual Branch Deployment Types, Virtual Branch Operations, and much more. Register here for this webinar from POPi/o on Thursday, December 17th at 10am.
~posted 12-11-20

Give Your Cardholders the Loyalty Rewards They Want
Rewarding cardholder loyalty is nothing new. But what it looks like is evolving. Retailers and fintech companies are offering more flexible rewards, better deals and generous cashback percentages that rival traditional loyalty card programs. These expanded offerings and easier redemption options are catching cardholders’ eyes – and their wallets.
~posted 12-4-20

The increasingly competitive landscape means that financial institutions can no longer rely upon traditional approaches to loyalty rewards. As institutions seek ways to counter challengers and differentiate their programs, understanding what cardholders are looking for in loyalty rewards is key. To read more about the top three motivators, click here for the full article or contact Lisa at the Association for more info.
~posted 12-4-20

It’s Not Too Late to Offer Discounted TurboTax to Members for 2020
This tax season your members may be full of questions about the tax implications of stimulus payments, unemployment, etc. Please join us Tuesday, December 1st at 11:00am and learn:
• How offering TurboTax is free to you and can help strengthen your member relationships.
• Creative ways to tie tax refunds to your core products and services to improve member engagement.
• About offering discounts to members – last season members saved over $1.4M on TurboTax.
• How capturing tax refunds grows deposits and investments – over $239B in refunds were directly deposited into financial institutions last tax season.
• New tax related content you can use to educate your members on how the events of 2020 may affect their taxes.
~posted 11-20-20

Data Analytics and the Digital Future
Attend AdvantEdge Analytics’ next VantEdge Point webinar, “Build Your Analytics Muscle,” with fintech innovator and international speaker Scarlett Sieber on November 19th at 1:00 pm MST. Scarlett will dive into the changing world of technology, the impact of Covid-19, and the role data plays in the digital future. Click here to register!~posted 11-13-20

Housing and Mortgage Market Outlook for Lenders
The current economic and market environment provides a number of challenges and opportunities for lenders. With mortgage rates dropping to record lows and the housing market rebounding, many questions still remain about where the economy is heading. Join Origence, with guest economist Michael Fratantoni, to hear current data and the outlook for rates, housing and mortgage markets, plus lender profitability for the year ahead. Thursday, October 19th at 12pm
~posted 11-6-20

Offering Your Members Discounts on TurboTax
This year, credit unions will likely get many questions about the impact of CARES Act-related unemployment checks and stimulus checks on their taxes, and the TurboTax program is here to help. Register now to learn about the benefits of the program for your members and your credit union.
Tuesday, Nov. 3 (11:00am AZ/CO/WY)

Already enrolled in our TurboTax Program? Register for one of the upcoming Marketing Best Practices webinars listed below to learn about key marketing dates, FREE email service, and tips for a successful tax season!
Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020 (11:00am AZ; 12:00pm CO/WY)
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020 (11:00am AZ/CO/WY)
~posted 10/26/20

AdvantEdge Analytics Webinars Now Available On Demand –
Leveraging Data to Help Members Impacted by Covid-19 – Explore strategies for identifying members most impacted by the pandemic and tips for how to activate your data. Watch on demand >
Adjusting Analytics Strategies Throughout the Stages of the Covid-19 Crisis – Learn ways to future-proof your analytics strategy as supply, demand and human behavior changes – at times, quickly and dramatically. Watch on demand >
~posted 9/21/20

What happens after the Skip-a-Pay? – When the deferment period is over, credit unions will be dealing with members who are still in financial trouble. Here’s where Rate Reset comes into play, with patented reset solutions that remove all friction from a typical loan refinance. Members who qualify for your offer can extend the term to lower their payment, and the rate either stays the same or goes up. Depending on the offer, the credit union can acquire additional yield and help ensure payments resume, plus allow the member ease back into their financial obligations. For a demo of the product, please contact Lisa to schedule. ~posted 9/10/20

Our Best Pricing Yet on Visa Gift Cards – Great for smaller credit unions, this turnkey program is easier than ever. You pay only for the cards ($1.25 each) + shipping, and there’s no minimum order. Even the marketing materials are free, so contact Lisa and be up and running in time for the holiday shopping season! ~posted 9/4/20

The Economy, the Housing Market, and How it Might Affect Lending – As COVID continues to take a toll on our nation, it’s still unclear how and when our economy will bounce back. Join Origence for their latest Economic & Lending Trends Webcast as Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D provides his take on where the economy is now, where it could be going, and how it might affect your lending. September 2nd, 11am AZ, 12pm CO/WY -posted 8/25/20

Collections as a Result of Covid – It’s no secret that many credit unions have been deferring loan payments to help members struggling during the pandemic. Now many months in, collections and delinquencies are coming into play. That’s where TCPA-compliant text messaging from Eltropy comes in. Data shows texting is 40X more effective than phone calls in engaging members for collection purposes. One credit union in our region went so far as to say that they continue to be “blown away” with how effective text messaging is for loss mitigation. Please email Lisa to schedule a demo. -posted 8/17/20

Selecting an LOS Platform – Digital lending is quickly transforming the way lenders do business and at the center is having the right origination platform. Origence has gathered a panel of the brightest minds to share their insights on things to consider when searching for a new loan origination system. You’ll learn how to compare and narrow down the options to find an LOS that will lead your team to success. With this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of essential factors to consider and questions to ask before purchasing
  • A comprehensive overview of key features to help scale your lending team
  • Knowledge of automations that enhance staff performance and consumer experience
  • A clear perspective of industry standards

Thursday, August 20th at 11am AZ, 12pm CO/WY  -posted 8/10/20

Reduce Expenses and Vendor Headaches with ATM Outsourcing – Please join us for this introduction to Dolphin Debit, our new turnkey ATM outsourcing program. Dolphin Debit recently outsourced 8 ATMs, saving the credit union over $200K in capital outlay and 20-30% in operational costs. Whether you have 1 ATM or 100 ATMs, this program can save you money, take away the pain of managing vendors, and let you offer members the most updated hardware and software. August 11th at 10 am AZ/11 am WY/CO. -posted 7/21/20

Building Digital Trust Now – Members are permanently moving toward contactless transactions, which means your credit union must respond with a digital strategy and digital trust. Protecting and safeguarding your members’ identity will be key to developing digital trust with your members. Please join us for a webinar Wednesday, July 15th and learn how to create digital trust between your credit union and your members in an omni channel environment.-posted July 10, 2020

Discovery™ 2020 – Registration Now Open! Join thousands of credit union leaders across the country on August 13th for CUNA Mutual Group’s free virtual Discovery 2020 Conference. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to connect with others, gain insights from industry experts, and further develop your strategic planning – all in the comfort of your own home or office. -posted June 26, 2020

Moving Forward Forum: Insights and Strategies – Change is accelerating faster than ever. Plans are out of whack. Budgets are tight(er). That’s where being part of the credit union system makes a difference; we know how to pull together to share resources that help you make more informed decisions. Join us on Thursday, June 25 for three complimentary sessions hosted by credit union industry experts at CUNA Mutual Group:
– How Leveraging Agility Will Help You Meet Uncertainty Head-On
– Maximize Credit Unions’ Non-Interest Income
– Multicultural Consumers—The Good, The Bad and The Opportunity
– posted June 10, 2020

Free Video Banking Offer Ends June 15 – Act now to sign up for Popi/o’s special 60 day free trial of their state of the art video banking platform. One credit union joined the platform since the Covid-19 pandemic and in 30 days opened 800 new business accounts and closed over 3,500 loans totaling $165 million. It can be implemented quickly and is cost-effective for all asset size credit unions. Please email Lisa to get scheduled for a demo. -posted May 12, 2020

The COVID-19 Recession and its Impact on Credit Unions – In addition to the regular trends report, CUNA Mutual’s Steve Rick also includes video commentary on the current economic conditions facing credit unions and what leaders need to know as they work to serve member needs. Video commentary is under the heading, “Helping You Navigate These Uncertain Times”. The webinar with Tim Harrington, CPA, Founder & President of TEAM Resources, explained how credit unions can respond to the COVID-19 economic impact. Based on Steve’s economic outlook last week, Tim gave practical guidance to help control the balance sheet, manage the income statement and minimize losses in the “new normal”. Here’s a link to the recording. – posted May 7, 2020

Easy to Offer Credit Card Program for Smaller CUs – 60% of all credit unions now offer credit cards and a solid credit card program is essential for a credit union to remain competitive. For many smaller CUs, the initial cost of providing a card program is prohibitive. That’s where the newly redesigned EZ Launch program with no start up costs will allow you to further serve your members and improve your bottom line. No monthly costs, no risk, and the CU can purchase the portfolio at a later date. Please contact Lisa to get started. -posted March 12, 2020

3 Marketing Strategies that Drive New Accounts and Core Deposits – This webinar from CUNA Strategic Services discusses marketing strategies you don’t want to miss, including:
~Offering attractive reward products that make you stand out, yet are still profitable
~Providing an experience that consumers expect and that maximizes your sales funnel
~Running multi-channel programs that leverage data science and predictive analytics
Register here:  Tuesday, March 10 at 1 pm MDT, 12 pm PDT -posted February 20, 2020

Planning for your ACET Assessment? – Since the NCUA released its supervisory priorities two weeks ago, we know many CUs are actively planning for how to fulfill the ACET assessment for cybersecurity compliance. Our CUNA Strategic Services provider, TraceSecurity, has developed services to not only deliver the initial maturity assessment, but also a framework to evaluate the identified critical controls in the years between ACET assessments. For smaller credit unions, TraceSecurity has built a specific solution that enables you to meet requirements with the same efficiency as larger credit unions. Please contact Lisa to get started. -posted February 11, 2020

Eltropy Text Messaging Platform Grows 1,200% in 2019 – Credit unions everywhere are recognizing the need to communicate with members via text, and the growth of our Fintech partner Eltropy is a result of that recognition. Eltropy’s CEO and co-founder Ashish Garg said, “By proving to credit unions that Eltropy is fully committed to helping them leverage text messaging to deepen those connections with members, we have become a trusted partner and look forward to continuing to grow as a company to better serve our customers.” Garg emphasized the importance of Eltropy remaining committed to serving the entire industry, regardless of a credit union’s asset size. Please contact Lisa at your Association to schedule a demo today. -posted January 31, 2020

Transform Your Credit Union with the Power of Data and Analytics – In this session, you’ll discover how the right strategy, culture, tools and data can help you better understand each member and deepen member relationships. Join leaders from AdvantEdge Analytics to:
• Learn the fundamentals of a data analytics strategy for credit unions
• Define use cases for getting the most value out of your analytics investment
• Discover how to build a roadmap for success
• Explore how to translate your roadmap into actionable next steps
Please register here for this informative webinar on January 22nd at 12 pm MST. -posted January 10, 2020

What’s Trending in Lending: Marketing to Millennials – As the largest living generation, Millennials are in-market for almost every product or service a credit union offers. Before you can earn their business, you first need to get their attention and keep it. In this short video, you’ll learn how to reach these consumers, what they’re looking for in financial service providers, and how to grow the relationship. -posted January 7, 2020

Enlisting the Help of an Overdraft Expert Can Lead to Big Results – When it comes to your overdraft program, do you take a Do-It-Yourself approach? Find out how a little help from an expert can streamline your processes, offer better service, save your staff time and boost your bottom line. Please download this white paper to see why overdraft program know-how and experience provide the framework for superior results and compliance peace of mind. – posted December 12, 2019

Get the CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Card for Tax Season – With tax season coming up, you may advise members to put some of that “extra” money away toward long-term financial goals, but they may choose to enjoy some of it as well. You can help them save or spend that tax refund responsibly while staying within a budget by loading all or a portion of the funds onto an LSC CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card. Your members can keep track of the balance and what they’ve spent with the free CUMONEY® mobile app. It’s a simple, responsible way for members to enjoy that refund. For information, please call 800-942-7124 or email sales@lsc.net. -posted November 21, 2019

AdvantEdge Analytics Launches Consulting Product for CUs of All Sizes – Credit union data analytics firm AdvantEdge Analytics just announced the launch of its Consulting Services business line. The services complement their cloud-based Data Platform, a set of end-to-end analytics technologies designed specifically for credit unions. Consulting Services may be used with or without integrating the Data Platform. “From Fortune 500 companies to community financial institutions, the lack of a definitive business-driven strategy is the single largest barrier to data and analytics success,” said President Mike Defnet. Click here to read more. -posted November 12, 2019

Strengthen Member Relationships with Discounts on TurboTax – The 2019 tax season is right around the corner! Please join one of our upcoming webinars where you will learn about:

  • Capturing tax refunds to grow deposits and investments – over $239B in refunds were directly deposited into financial institutions last tax season.
  • Using relevant tax related content to improve your share of wallet and help keep more of your members’ financial activities within your credit union.
  • The creative ways you can tie tax refunds to your core products and services to improve member engagement.
  • Ways to remind your members how financial health matters all year long, not just at tax season, and what they can do now to save on their taxes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 – 1:00pm ET
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 – 2:00pm ET
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 – 2:00pm ET
-posted October 29, 2019

Gas Station TV Promotes Open Your Eyes Campaign – We are excited to announce that from October 11-17, 2019 an Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® 15 second commercial will be aired here in our states, and on approximately 20 thousand GSTV stations across the country in celebration of International Credit Union Day. Here in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming, the week-long promotion will be shown at 750 stations and be seen by over 1,650,000 people! To learn more about the campaign, or the benefits of promoting your own credit union on Gas Station TV, we invite you to attend a brief (1/2 hour) webinar. Upcoming webinar times are:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. (EST) – Click here to register
Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (EST) – Click here to register
-posted September 24, 2019

Our Best Pricing Yet on Visa Gift Cards – Great for smaller credit unions, this turnkey program is easier than ever. You pay only for the cards ($1.25 each) + shipping, and there’s no minimum order. Even the marketing materials are free, so contact Lisa at Lslaymaker@gowest.org and be up and running in time for the holiday shopping season! – posted September 5, 2019

Is Your Credit Union Engaging Members Via Text Today? – Text Messaging is now the most preferred communication medium as 75% of members choose text over email to interact with their Credit Unions. Register today and learn:

  • How to use Text Messaging for Lending, Collections, Disaster Recovery, Branch, Marketing, Sales, Service, Internal Communication, and much more.
  • How to navigate compliance hurdles, integrate Texting with core banking + other IT systems, and receive business analytics while using Text Messaging.
  • See how other CUs are using this channel and implement your Text Messaging strategy in four easy steps!

Please join us August 16th or August 30th at 12 pm Mountain, 11 am Pacific for a free webinar about this exciting new technology. – posted August 15, 2019

Discovery Conference™ 2019 registration is Now Open! – This year’s event theme is “Know More. Grow More”, and the conference is packed with fabulous speakers and valuable content to help credit unions jump-start their strategic planning. There is no cost to attend, no travel expenses and no time out of the office. With sessions scheduled throughout the day, you can participate based on your own schedule – all day, or a portion of the day. Register Now! -posted July 29, 2019

How to Effectively Manage High-Risk Members: Download the eBook – This FREE eBook discusses the challenges of conventional approaches to managing high-risk members and highlights four key areas of focus to strengthen CDD/EDD. Learn how to make high-risk member management more effective and efficient, and how to enhance your overall BSA/AML program. Download here -posted July 11, 2019

Sprint Tops the Charts with Fastest Download Speeds in Denver – Sprint’s Next-Gen Network investment is taking hold and new independent tests show Sprint tops the charts for fastest download speeds in Denver. In recent indoor and outdoor testing by RootMetrics® in Denver’s urban core, Sprint demonstrated the fastest download speeds. Indoor and outdoor testing was conducted during peak-usage hours in the busiest areas. Further, Sprint now has an even better member offer, including an improved rebate program for credit unions. Members receive $100 cash for every new line activated and existing users get a $100 per year loyalty cash reward. Credit unions earn $25 for every new line their members activate. Please email Lslaymaker@gowest.org for more info. -posted June 24, 2019

Attract New Members and Earn Non-Interest Income – What if there was a program that could simultaneously attract new members into your branches, provide your credit union with more opportunities to upsell its financial products, and deliver a new source of residual income? And what if this program had no cost to your credit union? Newtek’s Micro-Lending program (“Branch Cash Advance”) delivers all this and more. Download Newtek’s white paper to learn how the program can help your credit union – or contact Will Rose at Newtek to learn more about the program. -posted May 26, 2019

Five Ways to Acquire New Accounts Now – What if you could peek at the acquisition game plan several credit unions have used to successfully achieve account growth and annual goals? We’ve developed a guide that outlines marketing tactics used by our clients to boost deposit acquisition. Even better, these tactics can be developed and deployed quickly to build accounts and balances. Download the guide and discover the key levers to pull to ramp up your deposit acquisition efforts. -posted May 19, 2019

Safeguard Your Revenue, Relationships and Reputation There’s a lot of pressure today to keep up with outside factors—the latest technology, regulatory expectations, competition in the marketplace and mobile payment apps that could impact fee revenue. Sometimes trying to juggle these challenges can be exhausting. Fortunately, there’s a way to protect existing non-interest income, strengthen account holder relationships and avoid compliance or legal concerns with one next-generation solution that’s easy-to-implement and maintain. Read more. -posted April 5, 2019

Offer the Visa TravelMoney® in time for Summer – Members are thinking about their summer travel plans and now you can offer them the perfect travel companion – the CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® prepaid debit card from LSC®. Instant issue, not tied to members’ accounts, free travel benefits, and with no fraud risk to your credit union, this is the perfect addition to your prepaid card offering. Contact sales@lsc.net for more information. – posted April 1, 2019

New Sprint Offer Pays Off Big for Members and CUs –Credit unions are collecting lucrative rebates and gaining deposits while their members are getting cash back of $100/line added plus $100/line as an annual loyalty cash reward. For 2019, credit unions now receive $25 per line added to Sprint (up from $23 last year), plus the bonus of the funds being deposited into the member’s credit union account. Contact Lisa at Lslaymaker@gowest.org to learn more about adding this exciting program to your suite of member benefits. -posted March 18, 2019

TruStage® Recognizes 20 Credit Unions – Our own Ent Credit Union was one of 20 credit unions recognized by CUNA Mutual Group as having the most TruStage® policy holders, which in turn helped CMG reach the milestone of protecting 20 million consumers with TruStage® products. CMG donated $20,000 on behalf of these credit unions to local schools. Congratulations to Ent and to all the credit unions who support building their members’ financial security using TruStage®. Read the full article here. -posted February 20, 2019

Delivering Long-Term Value Through Digital Lending – Most credit unions recognize the importance of digital; it’s the long-term value that causes angst. Developing and implementing a digital lending experience will be vital to remaining relevant and competitive as technology evolves. It begins with three core components: your member experience, your data and your digital technology. Read more here. -posted January 15, 2019

Get the CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Card for Tax Season – With tax season coming up, you may advise members to put some of that “extra” money away toward long-term financial goals, but they may choose to enjoy some of it as well. You can help them save or spend that tax refund responsibly while staying within a budget by loading all or a portion of the funds onto an LSC CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card. Your members can keep track of the balance and what they’ve spent with the free CUMONEY® mobile app. It’s a simple, responsible way for members to enjoy that refund. For information, please call 800-942-7124 or email sales@lsc.net. -posted December 18, 2018

Lifetime Value of a Student Lending Relationship – The business opportunity for credit unions extends beyond the student loan itself—the longer-term relationship building opportunities are substantial. Download the Lifetime Value of a Student Lending Relationship report today and gain valuable insights on the market opportunity for student lending as well as the appetite for cross-selling to these prime borrowers. -posted December 3, 2018

Does Your Credit Union Have a Long Term Data Strategy? History is filled with examples of failures to look beyond the short-term and understand the risks and rewards in the future. When we think about credit unions today, tomorrow’s solution may also not be enough.  AdvantEdge Analytics’ Jason Veenker explains here -posted November 29, 2018

Does Your Overdraft Program Leave You Open to a Lawsuit? What’s the difference between a fully disclosed overdraft program that is clearly and responsibly presented to account holders … and one that is used solely to earn revenue, at all costs? In the case of TCF Financial Corp., it’s $30 million dollars and a major blow to its reputation. JMFA’s Cheryl Lawson explains here. -posted September 6, 2018

How AdvantEdge Analytics Hit a Nerve in the Tech Community

2018 CU Trends – CUNA Mutual Group’s Chief Economist, Steven Rick shares trends of lending volume and credit quality. View the Executive Summary, or full CU Trends Report.

CULedger raises $8.5m for credit union-focused DLT platform 

CULedger on track to raise $10M in Series A for credit union-focused DLT platform 

Digital Identity Made Easy: Defining Self-Sovereign Identity



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