Special Announcement – Association’s Future

Scott Earl announced his retirement effective later this summer. Board Chairman Todd Marksberry, in late 2021, convened a succession committee. This diverse and tenured group of credit union leaders explored all options while focusing on the MWCUA board’s desire to amplify advocacy, education, and community impact on behalf of credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. In that process, the committee recommended exploring the possibility of a merger of the Mountain West Credit Union Association and the Northwest Credit Union Association.

The Association board has entered into a letter of intent and has begun the due diligence process to determine if it would be beneficial for our member credit unions to pursue a merger with the Northwest Credit Union Association. At this stage, this is just a due diligence process. However, if through this process, the board determines a merger would be beneficial for our membership, we would then move to a member vote.

The needs of credit unions and the market around us is changing quickly. The succession committee and the Association board are working to make sure the Association is effective and can anticipate and meet the needs of credit unions well into the future.