Credit Union Must-Haves to Successfully Harness Data to Improve Members’ Lives

I’ve got more data than Amazon, but where do I start?

Plan to attend the March 9 webinar: Credit Union Must-haves to Successfully Harness Data to Improve Members’ Lives to learn the answer to this question and more.

Many credit union leaders feel that their enterprise data is all over the place and any data initiative feels too overwhelming and expensive to take on right now. Join us for a 1-hour webinar to discover five enterprise must-haves to successfully harness data to improve member’s lives to help credit unions gain clarity.

Credit unions have more data than Amazon; the challenge is how to leverage these assets quickly and impactfully to improve member’s lives. Please join Anne Legg, an award-winning, internationally-recognized credit union business strategist, presenter, author, educator who shares the five domains needed to master to leverage organizational data to improve member’s lives.
The five domains covered include:
• Enterprise data vision
• Member data focus
• Data maturity
• Talent
• Continuous capability building

Data scientists need not apply! You do not need to be a data lover or even a math lover to leverage your data. The only criteria to attend is that you want to enhance your members’ lives.  Click here to register and to learn more.