10. What it means to become purpose driven with Stephanie Teubner, CEO, Blue FCU

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Episode 10

What it means to become purpose driven w/Stephanie Teubner, CEO, Blue FCU

Welcome to In The Movement Podcast with your show hosts Christopher Kemm and Austin De Bey discuss all things happening in the credit union movement. Each episode will feature leaders talking about history and current affairs and how we can utilize our expertise to educate, communicate, and mobilize to better serve our movement.

Today, our guest is Stephanie Teubner, who is a leader in the credit union movement. Starting with a small credit union, she worked her way up to her present position of CEO. A Wyoming native, Stephanie left for a while then returned for her job in the credit union.

Guest Bio

Stephanie Teubner is a successful credit union and community leader who dedicates her time and talent to the credit union movement and the community she calls home, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Stephanie has led Blue Federal Credit Union toward tremendous success over the past 18 years. As the biggest financial institution headquartered in Wyoming, Blue is more than $1 billion in assets, serves over 81,000 members worldwide, and has 13 branch locations in Wyoming and Northern Colorado.

Stephanie leads by example and believes in ‘doing good. As a civic-minded leader, she serves on various boards, including the Wyoming Children’s Society, Laramie County Economic Development Authority, Centennial Lending Board of Managers, and Western CUNA Management School (WCMS) Board of Trustees. Stephanie is a Development Educator with the National Credit Union Foundation and a Certified Executive with the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES).

Receiving local, state, and national certification and recognition are some of Stephanie’s many accomplishments. The Mountain West Credit Union Association recognized her as the 2008 Professional of the year, the 2016 Wyoming Women of Influence in Finance award by the Wyoming Business Report, and the 2017 Trailblazer CEO of the Year by the Credit Union Times.

Stephanie holds an Executive MBA and a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Finance from the University of Wyoming.

Stephanie enjoys spending time and being active with her two sons, Jack (19) and Josh (14). Their favorite activities are skiing, camping, hiking, scuba diving, and going to the movies. Stephanie is an avid runner. She participates in numerous races throughout the United States.

Expanding to serve members in Colorado

Her credit union realized that they were serving many military men and women who were living in Colorado and driving back and forth to their base. With her merger in 2016, she expanded her territory farther south into Colorado. As a result, her credit union decided to open branches based on the data of where their clients were able to afford to live. 

When members move on to the next level

When military personnel move on from active duty they settle in many parts of the country, expanding the need to find better ways to serve our members and challenging staff to become more efficient operating in different cities and states. 

Listen in to find out how they accommodate employees during COVID, why she wanted to make a difference inside the credit union, and how she became successful in the credit union movement. Learn how she deals with being introverted in her position and how her rural demographic doesn’t allow for large credit unions to be successful in her state.

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Show Notes:

[05:25] Stephanie is a dynamic and thoughtful leader who has received several awards in the credit union circle.

[07:36] She tells us her story and how she rose to where she is in her career today.

[16:14] How Stephanie’s credit union is serving multiple generations of families.

[18:42] Protocols for taking care of her employees during COVID.

[23:00] Moving forward post-COVID seeing employees coming back to work.

[24:57] How she jumped into leadership with the associations.

[29:52] What Stephanie contributes to her success inside the credit union.

[37:36] How she works as an introverted CEO. 

[40:17] Why being in a rural area gives her credit union security.

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