12 .Serve Don’t Judge and Other Leadership Perspectives with Andrew Downin

In The Movement Podcast

Episode 12

Serve Don’t Judge and Other Leadership Perspectives with Andrew Downin

Welcome to In The Movement Podcast with your show hosts Christopher Kemm and Austin De Bey, to discuss what’s happening in the credit union movement. Each episode will feature leaders talking about history and current affairs and how we can utilize our expertise to educate, communicate, and mobilize to better serve our movement.

Meet Andrew Downin

Andrew Downin has been with Vantage West since 2018 and has held leadership positions at the country’s most notable credit unions for two decades. In addition, Andrew led research and innovation at Filene Research Institute, the think tank for the U.S. credit union movement. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to industry publications, and his insights have appeared in publications including The New York Times, Credit Union Magazine, and Credit Union Times. Andrew earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Arizona and his MBA from Pepperdine University. On advisory boards for CUNA Mutual Group and Filene Research Institute, Andrew enjoys volunteering with Future Business Leaders of America. 

Bringing the Mission to Life

Seeing the possibilities within a marketing role, Andrew was able to really define his philosophy as a leader in our movement, by solidifying his value and importance of who we are here to serve and how the mission of credit unions brings tools consumers need to get ahead in life in a tangible way for his members. 

Listen in to find out how Andrew uses his different leadership perspectives and taking the latest data on credit unions to grow his credit union and how they reached out and incorporated local businesses in a branding and awareness campaign. Learn How consumers view their credit union and how credit unions serve their communities.

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Show Highlights

[03:25] How Andrew started out in his career in the credit union.

[09:35] Working for a credit union through Disney gave him bigger and better opportunities.

[15:22] Taking the credit union service to a new level.

[20:56] Credit union research report that Andrew uses to build his credit union.

[31:18] Usage of the term credit union and how that applies to consumer perception.

[38:58] How Andrew is using other credit union products for his clients.

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