4. Journey to Leadership w/ Todd Marksberry Part 1

Welcome to In The Movement Podcast with your show hosts Christopher Kemm and Austin De Bey discuss all things happening in the credit union movement. Each episode will feature leaders talking about history and current affairs and how we can utilize our expertise to educate, communicate, and mobilize to better serve our movement.


Today, we are chatting with our Mountain West Credit Union Association Chairman, Todd Marksberry, who is also CEO and President of Canvas Credit Union in Colorado and hosts the podcast In The Room. We will talk about Todd’s leadership journey to success and how he attained his award as the 2020 Denver Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO

Guest Bio

Todd Marksberry has served the Canvas Credit Union family as the President and Chief Executive Officer since June 2015. With more than 25 years of executive experience, Todd has the vision to transform financial services. His strategic leadership, drive and focus on culture nurture high-performance teams who exude passion and purpose.

Through Todd’s charisma and love for the credit union movement, Canvas assets have grown over 100% to over $3.1 billion. Besides, Canvas now serves over 260,000 members, an increase of more than 47% since 2015. It is the culture that Todd has created at Canvas, embracing the goal of Helping People Afford Life in Colorado and driving new and innovative products and services, that has created a significant positive impact. Todd’s energy radiates throughout Canvas.

He has cultivated a unique atmosphere within the Canvas family to serve members and their communities with a whole-hearted approach. Todd is known for his stellar dance moves and genuine care for his team around the office, generating a “come as you are” environment for his family members to thrive in.

Before joining Canvas, Todd served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Delta Community Credit Union in Atlanta, GA. Todd has also served in leadership roles with SavvyMoney, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates, and Tropical Financial Credit Union. In addition to overseeing the health and heart of the Canvas family, he actively serves on the board of several prominent credit union industry partners.

The Start of Todd’s Credit Union Journey

He started in the credit union 28 years ago in Miami, Florida, working at an At&t and BellSouth credit union, and spent 16 of his 28 years at a credit union for Delta in Atlanta. “When I first started out at my credit union in Miami, I wasn’t an advocate for credit unions; it was just a gig.” His mentor, Greg, invested time in Todd and started educating him about credit unions.

In his first job, Todd was an auto advisor taking auto loan applications when he received a call from the company’s CEO because he was killing his sales on insurance for cars. As a result, he was promoted to Business Development. “I had to learn everything about our credit union and get to know the ladies in the accounting department, and endeared myself to them so they could help me move these applications along.”

Listen in to find out why children of credit union workers also work at credit unions and how he was recruited by the president of the credit union association. Learn why it’s important to have others’ faith in you to lead and how Todd created his podcast In The Room.

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Show Notes:

[04:25] How long Todd has been in the credit union scene. 

[13:25] Todd’s first gig helping credit union members with auto loans. 

[18:20] Learning on the job after a new job promotion. 

[20:02] Running the Delta credit union division for the credit union league. 

[22:18] Todd became the Senior VP of Operations within two years of receiving his job at Delta.

[26:46] How he created his podcast In The Room.

[30:39] The meaningful conversations of Todd’s podcast. 

[34:28] How do we get young professionals to listen to our podcast.


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