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Chief Executive Institute


The Global Pandemic clearly has many lessons to institutionalize and one of the most critical lessons relates to the importance and role of leadership. Resilient individuals and organizations must be able to adapt quickly to shifts within the external environment, innovate to find creative solutions, and manage change to transform immediate solutions into sustainable practices.

2021/2022 CEI Class
Application Closed

Organizational leaders must continuously ask themselves several key questions to help guide strategic direction including:

  • Is what we are doing today sustainable for the long term?
  • How will my organization respond to a crisis?
  • What do I need to do to inculcate new knowledge?
  • How can we innovate today for tomorrow’s strategic success?

Today’s organizational leadership requires clarity of thought, purpose, and action in the face of complexity, uncertainty, and volatility. Developing the needed clarity requires leaders who can inspire and shape the future, and who function as values-based role models.

The Chief Executive Institute is an executive-level master’s course designed to help you position your credit union for growth and leadership in a complex and ever-changing marketplace. 

"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend the CEI and for the generous scholarship. As I reflected while working on my project and presentation, I realized the many things I gained from the last eight months. Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into our credit union mission!"

Kathi Glanz, President, Yuma FCU

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