Councils & Roundtables

Councils and Roundtables provide a forum for peer groups to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.  Meetings are held in multiple formats including: in-person, virtual and at video conference sites. Dates and details are listed below.

CEO Exchange
Monthly: Virtual*

Branch Managers Networking Councils
January 26, 2022 – Virtual*

Collectors Networking Councils
January 25, 2022 – Virtual*

Compliance Lunch & Learns
February 9, 2022 – Virtual*

Lenders Networking Councils

Marketers Networking Councils

Small Credit Union Networking Councils




*Virtual sessions take place via the Zoom video conferencing platform. To participate in the meetings, attendees will need access to a computer or video conferencing system with a camera and working speakers.


Training Guide

Check out our Training Guide for a full list of the programs we offer.  Click the full-screen button to enlarge the document.


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