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“Credit Union of the Rockies has supported the Leadership Institute by sending individuals through the program each of the last 4 years. Every year the credit union has benefited, as well as the individual by expanding their understanding of leading by example and by creating new and exciting ideas to energize our “troops”. Well worth the time away from their offices – great ROI!”

Randy Mims, CEO, Credit Union of the Rockies

“I’ve found tremendous value in what our 13 graduates have brought back from the CU Leadership Institute. I attended the first year and the experience has challenged all of us to evaluate our effectiveness as leaders, and set many of us, myself included, on a whole new career path. CU Leadership Institute helped me start my journey to became the CEO.  

The team of instructors are top notch, sharing leadership lessons from the most interesting sources and our management team will never see movies in quite the same way. I highly recommend the CU Leadership Institute to anyone who aspires to become a better leader.”

Jeremy Gibson, CEO,
Trona Valley Community FCU

The Credit Union Leadership Institute is an exceptional in-depth series of workshops designed for credit union employees who show the ability to assume greater roles and responsibilities. It is performance based instruction that teaches the art of leadership with well-focused, guided practices that encourage interactive participation and discussions.

The positive impact on employee dynamics ignites a passion that keeps participants motivated as they develop the leader within. They will delve into real life case studies through interaction with peers developing deep relationships that enhance and strengthen the credit union community. Private one-on-one mentoring/coaching sessions are key to the individual’s success and thus the credit union’s success.

This investment in developing credit union leaders directly improves quality, efficiency and performance within teams, offices and branches thus improving the credit union’s bottom line. It is the direct application of leadership concepts that makes the Credit Union Leadership Institute unique and creates a successful growth environment within the credit union.

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