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Executive Ready

2023 dates coming soon!

Segmented into four distinct but complementary programs Executive Ready is a series designed to accelerate executive-level leadership skill development and prime participants for career advancement. Designed in an evidence-based and highly interactive format, Executive Ready leverages thought leaders, conversations, practice, and engagement with peers to increase synthesis and application of advanced concepts. Participants will have access to a learning portal that provides curated resources, videos, articles, podcasts, and books for the topic they are working on. The in-person workshop will provide a setting for creating, critiquing, and leveling up followed by highly interactive virtual sessions.

Each stand-alone course is designed to fast-track leaders to the next level. Topics include:
• Talent Management & Coaching
• Executive Presence
• Building a High-Performance, High-Engagement Culture
• Strategic Thinking for Game-Changing Results

Talent Management & Coaching

FALL 2022
Do you have the right people in the right seats working on the right work? Is every member of your team contributing at their highest potential? Have you identified (and are working to develop) your replacement? Do you have the confidence and skills to have tough performance conversations?

In this highly practical program, you’ll build a talent strategy for your team or organization and learn techniques to take your coaching and employee development to the next level.

• A complete talent review of your team, developmental priorities and plans for each
team member
• A review of key competencies necessary for current and future performance as well as
talent gaps
• Highly practical tools to provide more effective coaching and feedback, including how to
address the toughest performance issues
• Strategies and techniques for building confidence and competence

Executive Presence

Building an Influential & Effective Personal Brand
When your name comes up in conversation, what are the first words that come to mind? What are you most known for at your credit union and in the industry?

In this highly experiential program, you’ll explore the foundations of strong executive presence and professional branding, and powerful and practical approaches to build your reputation as an influential leader. You will learn the art of establishing strategic alliances, positioning your ideas so they can best be heard, and techniques to improve your positive exposure to key decision-makers.

• Advanced communication techniques to improve your influence and impact
• A personal brand audit (internal and external)
• An understanding of common career derailers and what to do instead
• A focused networking strategy

Building a High-Performance, High-Engagement Culture

You know culture is the key to attract and retain great talent and to inspire breakthrough performance for your credit union, but working on culture can feel overwhelming. What matters most? Where do you start? How do you measure success?

In this highly practical program, you’ll learn four foundational elements of building high-performance, high-engagement cultures, and practical tools and techniques you will apply immediately to foster engagement and performance on your team. You’ll begin by completing a quick cultural assessment to prioritize your strengths and opportunities, and throughout the sessions, you’ll work on building, implementing, and getting feedback on your plan.

Whether you’re looking to improve the culture on your own team or to build a strategic approach for your credit union, this training will give you the tools and techniques you need to make an immediate and sustained impact.

• A deep understanding of 4 key components to building a high-performance, high engagement culture: Clarity, Capacity, Commitment, Curiosity
• Easy-to-use tools to build engagement and empower solutions-thinking, innovation, and member-focused problem solving
• A culture-building plan to implement with their team and techniques for measuring progress

Strategic Thinking for Game-Changing Results

Are you looking to make a greater strategic impact in your credit union? Do you have a big business challenge you’re looking to take on, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to develop innovation and problem solving on your team so you can get out of the weeds and focus on more strategic elements of the business?

Come to this program with a strategic business challenge you’re looking to tackle, and you’ll receive tools and techniques to think about it differently and make a plan.

• Critical thinking techniques and tools you can share with your team
• Knowledge about the future of the credit union industry and how you can make the
biggest impact
• A completed action learning project (you will work on a real strategic business

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