2022 MWCUA Leadership Institute Accepting Applications

Leadership doesn't happen in a vacuum. Effective leadership in the CU movement requires guidance from mentors, access to education, and ongoing support to reinforce lessons learned. While it is said that "leaders are born, not made," the best leaders have their skills honed as they walk their career paths. The MWCUA Foundation is providing an opportunity for CU professionals to join their peers at the annual Leadership Institute and Executive Leadership Program. But you'll need to act fast... Read more

2020 Mentor Program Connects Credit Union Professionals

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric Arguably one of the most successful and respected business leaders of our time, Jack Welch understood the powerful potential of mentorship - with both mentors and mentees gathering invaluable experience. Similarly, Brian Lee, President and CEO of  Read more

Fall 2020 Mentorship Program Underway

As the MWCUA kicks off its fall session of our Mentorship Program, we are taking this opportunity to spotlight those industry professionals who have participated in the program during these uniquely challenging times; as well as those who continue to provide ongoing support for this important initiative for our movement. Leadership Through Adversity Read more

Credit Union Leadership in Action Grant Applications are now open

Give your credit union’s leadership development initiatives a kick start!  The Mountain West Credit Union Foundation has now opened its call for proposals for this year’s Leadership in Action Grant.  The deadline for submission is November 3, 2020.  Just click here to download and application and while your there take a minute an watch the videos, too! The Leadership in Action Grant is designed to help Credit Unions imp... Read more

2020 Credit Union Leaders Master’s Scholarship

The Credit Union Movement is one of constant change and innovation. True leaders in this industry are the ones looking to the future with strategic vision and creative solutions - and they never stop learning. For those who have embraced credit union philosophy and have dedicated their careers to the same, The Credit Union 2020 Leaders Master’s Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity. The Mountain West Credit Union Foundation’s Center for Credit Union Leadership is once again offering a 2... Read more

Why Mentorship is Essential to Growth

Important Insights from Two Credit Union Leaders Who Have Completed the Foundation Mentorship Program.

The purpose of The Center for Credit Union Leadership’s Mentor Program is to connect Credit Union professionals with a mentor that will meet them where they are now and help them get to where they want to go. The program’s mentors are seasoned professionals who generously agree to share... Read more

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Your Talent Review

By Karin Hurt and David Dye A talent review done well, gives you a brilliant competitive advantage for your credit union, ensuring you have the continuity you need to serve your members well today and in the future. Poorly executed, at best it's a waste of time, and can wreak serious havoc on long-term performance, retention and employee engagement.

The 5 Biggest Talent Review Mistakes

Here are the biggest mistakes we see from well-intentioned leaders w... Read more

What Does The Future of Community Giving Look Like?

This article was written by Tahverlee, a Social Impact Entrepreneur and founder of Corporate Cause Agency It’s a proven fact that companies that give back to their communities see a healthy return on their investment. Often, senior leadership teams who focus on bottom-line growth, spend more time on their big vision strategies and invest significant time and resources into marketing and branding in... Read more