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Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute Summary

Leadership development must be more than a simple moment-in-time event. Participants need time and opportunity to reflect upon and subsequently practice their newly learned skills in the workplace and take lessons learned for continued leadership success.

The Leadership Institute is a combination of 3 in-person workshops, four virtual seminars and online learning modules, over the course of seven months, that will provide networking, tools and techniques to strengthen the participants leadership. 

  • Online learning modules – prerequisite to each workshop and virtual seminar
  • 3 – In-person workshops one at the beginning, middle and one at the end of the program
  • 4 – Virtual, topic-based seminars
  • 2 – In-person team-based projects
  • Online leadership assessment pre/post-program
  • Online personality type assessment (MBTI®)
  • Virtual one-on-one mentoring session
  • Offline workplace application activities

The Leadership Institute journey begins with an interactive, online learning module and an online 360-degree leadership assessment. The instruction contained within this module sets the stage for the first in-person workshop, Leadership Foundations. After this in-person workshop, participants complete an online MBTI® Type Assessment. The program continues with a series of four topic-based virtual seminars and two more in-person workshops.


Participants are organized into project teams charged to develop and present on a specific leadership topic that is relevant to their organization. One-on-One coaching is conducted concurrently through the virtual webinar series.


Leadership Institute wraps up with an in-person workshop that includes group presentations. Shortly after the final workshop, participants complete a second 360-degree leadership assessment as well as attend a short seminare on the development of a lifelong learning action plan for continued leadership development.


Who Should Participate

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Emerging leaders
  • Team Leads
  • High-potential Team Members
  • Those aspiring to be the best leaders they can be
“We learned to discover and communicate the ‘why’, how to identify and diffuse roadblocks, and create ways to inspire and empower our teams in the face of change, while discovering more about ourselves and our ability to contribute to the greater good, to instill hope in a future and for leadership in the credit union movement.”
– Kara Kirschner, First Credit Union

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