Foundation Releases Full Leadership Study Results

The Mountain West Credit Union Foundation (MWCUF), in collaboration with the Center for Credit Union Leadership, has released the results of its most recent survey. Using strict criteria, data was collected from 20 of the top performing credit union CEOs in the Mountain West region.

Important findings of the study identified nine key leadership attributes and nine leadership traits. “These are tangible experiences, attitudes, behaviors and traits that current and future credit union leaders can emulate and build into their leadership personalities to help foster success,” Dr. Dan Santangelo, Executive Director of the Mountain West Credit Union Foundation, said. “We are constantly looking for ways to help innovate our training in order to provide the best possible outcomes for current and future credit union leaders.”

The nine key leadership attributes presented include: common behaviors; common experiences; top skills; top actions; top personality traits; influencers on beliefs, values and assumptions; top self-development skills; top attributes taught to emerging leaders; and leadership skills sought by boards. The nine key leadership traits are: high level of integrity; keen relationship builder; insightful skills builder; engaged employee developer; committed to goal setting and accomplishment; community-service minded; seeks out other leaders; steadfast creators of a well-communicated vision; and insists on the right skills/people in the right places.

The full study results can be found here and an e-book that outlines practical ways to use the research results is available here. Finally, findings gained from the study will filter into training aspects of the MWCUF’s Center for Credit Union Leadership, which trains upcoming credit union leaders in areas including: exemplifying organizational values, problem solving, empowering others, workplace prioritization, coaching, time management and setting and measuring goals. This comprehensive leadership training program has trained more than 125 new leaders from 44 credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming.