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Through our Association Service Corporation, Mountain West Credit Union Association is your credit union’s partner in boosting revenue and reducing overhead. By harnessing our collective buying power, we are able to bring you the business-critical services and products vital to your credit union.

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Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards

Our Best Pricing Yet on Visa Gift Cards – Great for smaller credit unions, this turnkey program is easier than ever. You pay only for the cards ($1.25 each) + shipping, and there’s no minimum order. Even the marketing materials are free, so contact Lisa at and be up and running in time for the holiday shopping season! – posted September 5, 2019

Is Your Credit Union Engaging Members Via Text Today? – Text Messaging is now the most preferred communication medium as 75% of members choose text over email to interact with their Credit Unions. Register today and learn:

  • How to use Text Messaging for Lending, Collections, Disaster Recovery, Branch, Marketing, Sales, Service, Internal Communication, and much more.
  • How to navigate compliance hurdles, integrate Texting with core banking + other IT systems, and receive business analytics while using Text Messaging.
  • See how other CUs are using this channel and implement your Text Messaging strategy in four easy steps!

Please join us August 16th or August 30th at 12 pm Mountain, 11 am Pacific for a free webinar about this exciting new technology. – posted August 15, 2019

Discovery Conference™ 2019 registration is Now Open! – This year’s event theme is “Know More. Grow More”, and the conference is packed with fabulous speakers and valuable content to help credit unions jump-start their strategic planning. There is no cost to attend, no travel expenses and no time out of the office. With sessions scheduled throughout the day, you can participate based on your own schedule – all day, or a portion of the day. Register Now! -posted July 29, 2019

How to Effectively Manage High-Risk Members: Download the eBook – This FREE eBook discusses the challenges of conventional approaches to managing high-risk members and highlights four key areas of focus to strengthen CDD/EDD. Learn how to make high-risk member management more effective and efficient, and how to enhance your overall BSA/AML program. Download here -posted July 11, 2019

Sprint Tops the Charts with Fastest Download Speeds in Denver – Sprint’s Next-Gen Network investment is taking hold and new independent tests show Sprint tops the charts for fastest download speeds in Denver. In recent indoor and outdoor testing by RootMetrics® in Denver’s urban core, Sprint demonstrated the fastest download speeds. Indoor and outdoor testing was conducted during peak-usage hours in the busiest areas. Further, Sprint now has an even better member offer, including an improved rebate program for credit unions. Members receive $100 cash for every new line activated and existing users get a $100 per year loyalty cash reward. Credit unions earn $25 for every new line their members activate. Please email for more info. -posted June 24, 2019

Attract New Members and Earn Non-Interest Income – What if there was a program that could simultaneously attract new members into your branches, provide your credit union with more opportunities to upsell its financial products, and deliver a new source of residual income? And what if this program had no cost to your credit union? Newtek’s Micro-Lending program (“Branch Cash Advance”) delivers all this and more. Download Newtek’s white paper to learn how the program can help your credit union – or contact Will Rose at Newtek to learn more about the program. -posted May 26, 2019

Five Ways to Acquire New Accounts Now – What if you could peek at the acquisition game plan several credit unions have used to successfully achieve account growth and annual goals? We’ve developed a guide that outlines marketing tactics used by our clients to boost deposit acquisition. Even better, these tactics can be developed and deployed quickly to build accounts and balances. Download the guide and discover the key levers to pull to ramp up your deposit acquisition efforts. -posted May 19, 2019

Safeguard Your Revenue, Relationships and Reputation There’s a lot of pressure today to keep up with outside factors—the latest technology, regulatory expectations, competition in the marketplace and mobile payment apps that could impact fee revenue. Sometimes trying to juggle these challenges can be exhausting. Fortunately, there’s a way to protect existing non-interest income, strengthen account holder relationships and avoid compliance or legal concerns with one next-generation solution that’s easy-to-implement and maintain. Read more. -posted April 5, 2019

Offer the Visa TravelMoney® in time for Summer – Members are thinking about their summer travel plans and now you can offer them the perfect travel companion – the CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® prepaid debit card from LSC®. Instant issue, not tied to members’ accounts, free travel benefits, and with no fraud risk to your credit union, this is the perfect addition to your prepaid card offering. Contact for more information. – posted April 1, 2019

New Sprint Offer Pays Off Big for Members and CUs –Credit unions are collecting lucrative rebates and gaining deposits while their members are getting cash back of $100/line added plus $100/line as an annual loyalty cash reward. For 2019, credit unions now receive $25 per line added to Sprint (up from $23 last year), plus the bonus of the funds being deposited into the member’s credit union account. Contact Lisa at to learn more about adding this exciting program to your suite of member benefits. -posted March 18, 2019

TruStage® Recognizes 20 Credit Unions – Our own Ent Credit Union was one of 20 credit unions recognized by CUNA Mutual Group as having the most TruStage® policy holders, which in turn helped CMG reach the milestone of protecting 20 million consumers with TruStage® products. CMG donated $20,000 on behalf of these credit unions to local schools. Congratulations to Ent and to all the credit unions who support building their members’ financial security using TruStage®. Read the full article here. -posted February 20, 2019

Delivering Long-Term Value Through Digital Lending – Most credit unions recognize the importance of digital; it’s the long-term value that causes angst. Developing and implementing a digital lending experience will be vital to remaining relevant and competitive as technology evolves. It begins with three core components: your member experience, your data and your digital technology. Read more here. -posted January 15, 2019

Get the CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Card for Tax Season – With tax season coming up, you may advise members to put some of that “extra” money away toward long-term financial goals, but they may choose to enjoy some of it as well. You can help them save or spend that tax refund responsibly while staying within a budget by loading all or a portion of the funds onto an LSC CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card. Your members can keep track of the balance and what they’ve spent with the free CUMONEY® mobile app. It’s a simple, responsible way for members to enjoy that refund. For information, please call 800-942-7124 or email -posted December 18, 2018

Lifetime Value of a Student Lending Relationship – The business opportunity for credit unions extends beyond the student loan itself—the longer-term relationship building opportunities are substantial. Download the Lifetime Value of a Student Lending Relationship report today and gain valuable insights on the market opportunity for student lending as well as the appetite for cross-selling to these prime borrowers. -posted December 3, 2018

Does Your Credit Union Have a Long Term Data Strategy? History is filled with examples of failures to look beyond the short-term and understand the risks and rewards in the future. When we think about credit unions today, tomorrow’s solution may also not be enough.  AdvantEdge Analytics’ Jason Veenker explains here -posted November 29, 2018

Does Your Overdraft Program Leave You Open to a Lawsuit? What’s the difference between a fully disclosed overdraft program that is clearly and responsibly presented to account holders … and one that is used solely to earn revenue, at all costs? In the case of TCF Financial Corp., it’s $30 million dollars and a major blow to its reputation. JMFA’s Cheryl Lawson explains here. -posted September 6, 2018

How AdvantEdge Analytics Hit a Nerve in the Tech Community

2018 CU Trends – CUNA Mutual Group’s Chief Economist, Steven Rick shares trends of lending volume and credit quality. View the Executive Summary, or full CU Trends Report.

CULedger raises $8.5m for credit union-focused DLT platform 

CULedger on track to raise $10M in Series A for credit union-focused DLT platform 

Digital Identity Made Easy: Defining Self-Sovereign Identity



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